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Service Charter

Muface has a Service Charter establishes the quality commitments undertaken by the Mutual Society with its mutual society members.

This Service Charter sets forth what MUFACE currently is. After 30 years of experience, MUFACE has consolidated and perfected its activity.

The legal basis of this document, by which the Mutual Society abides, includes:

  • The consolidated text of the Act on Social Security for State Civil Servants, approved by Legislative Royal Decree 4/2000 of 23 June.
  • General Regulation on Administrative Mutualism, approved by Royal Decree 375/2003 of 28 March
  • Service Charter 2014-2017
  • Service Charter 2014-2017 (four panel fold format)

MUFACE is a public body attached to the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations (Legislative Royal Decree 4/2000 of 23 June, which approves the Consolidated Text and Royal Decree 375/2003 of 28 March, which approves the Regulation).

It manages the system of Administrative Mutualism, providing protection to mutual society members and beneficiaries. Its funding system is based on a model of distribution, meaning that the benefits and subsidies received by them originate from public and private contributions.

MUFACE provides a high quality service and simplifies the proceedings as much as possible.

The objective is to quickly resolve applications, facilitate access to the services and improve the conditions in which these are provided.

In this article we will address:

MUFACE's functions

Its functions established by the regulations are, among others:

  • Manage the system of Administrative Mutualism, providing the appropriate protection to mutual society members
  • Facilitate mutual society members and beneficiaries the effective exercise of their rights
  • Encourage continuous improvement, revealing the degree of efficiency reached to the managers
  • Apply transparency and participation
  • Assess the mutual society member's satisfaction through the management procedure for complaints, suggestions and congratulations
  • Establish collaborative relationships with other bodies in different areas
  • Coordinate and cooperate with other bodies in managing Administrative Mutualism
  • Protect and safeguard the personal data of mutual society members, in accordance with the current regulations

Services it provides

MEMBERSHIP of mutual society members (compulsory or voluntary), as a prior step to requesting benefits.


  1. A) Health-related
  • Health Care
  • Supplementary Benefits
  • Pharmaceutical benefit
  1. B) Social
  • Temporary disability benefit
  • Subsidy for risk during pregnancy
  • Subsidy for risk during breastfeeding
  • Indemnity for permanent non-disabling injuries
  • Severe disability benefit
  • Benefit for a disabled child or minor under one's care
  • Financial aid in multiple births, adoptions or fostered children
  • Benefits for university studies
  • Retirement benefit
  • Death benefit
  • Burial assistance
  • Social-healthcare programmes
  • Support benefits

Information and support to the mutual society member

MUFACE answers and advises mutual society members and beneficiaries in a personalised way about its services, branches and organisation; these are also informed about the benefits, announcement of aids, new developments of the e-office through the InfoMUFACE Service, the MUFACE magazine and its Newsletter (both in printed and electronic format), as well as via the Internet on the website

By downloading the online forms on a PC, the mutual society member can fill in and print the documents required 24 hour a day, 365 days a week without having to pick them up at a MUFACE branch.
The prescription books can be requested through the free app for mobile devices “MUFACE Móvil”

MUFACE's quality commitments

Muface's commitment towards quality is present in the following areas:

  • Information and support to the mutual society member
    • Queries made on the phone are answered immediately or in a maximum period of three working days through the Information Office for the Mutual society member and its website. If particular information from other administrative units is required, these queries will be sent to these units and answered by them, after having notified this to the interested party, within a period of 30 working days. Muface informs, through the peripheral units, on the telephone and via email immediately or, at the most, within 48 hours.
  • Membership procedures
    • It involves the resolution of 95% of membership files when requested, provided the requirements of the current regulation are met, and of the remaining 5% within a period of five days.
  • Healthcare provisions
    • It involves the resolution of supplementary benefits files within seven days from submitting the application accompanied by the corresponding documentation; attendance when personally requesting prescription books and delivery in 48 hours when applied for by regular post or email; delivery of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to the interested party's address within ten days; and delivery when requested of the EHIC's Provisional Replacement Certificate (PRC) and other coverage certificates.
  • Social benefits
    • It involves the resolution of single-payment social benefits within seven days from submitting the application accompanied by all the corresponding documentation and the resolution of Special Fund benefits within one month from submitting the application accompanied by all the corresponding documentation.

Online services

Via the website that hosts the e-Office, at, users can access the realisation of the processed procedures. The identification method provides different access levels:

  • Procedures with DNIe or another recognised e-certificate
  • Procedures with prior registration
  • Procedures without an e-certificate or prior registration

Complaints, suggestions and congratulations

There are forms available for users. They may be submitted:

  • In person, using the form available at any of the Provincial Services, Representative Offices and the General Registry of Central Services.
  • By regular post: using the form available at the e-Office and sending it to the Provincial Services, Representative Offices or the General Registry of Central Services
  • Via the e-Office:

Rectification measures

Any claims forwarded due to non-fulfilment of the commitments undertaken in the Service Charter shall be sent to the responsible unit.

Within 15 business days, the person responsible of the body will inform the user by letter the reasons behind not being able to fulfil the commitment and the measures that have been adopted to correct the warned deficiency.

The non-fulfilment of the commitments established in this charter shall not give rise to any pecuniary responsibility of the Administration.

Members must understand the following general contents relating to the insurance for civil servants:

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