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Certificate of entitlement

On the MUFACE website is a service for obtaining the certificate showing the amount of the benefits received in the fiscal year, as well as the withholding made for income purposes

The certificate is useful so that a mutual society member can collate the information with the fiscal details that are submitted to the Treasury Department. These certificates of benefits and withholding of benefits are available from the MUFACE e-Office. To obtain these certificates, you need your national ID number, digital certificate, or username and password provided by MUFACE.

With respect to the acquisition of the benefit certificate, we will look at:

  1. MUFACE e-Office
  2. Why use the e-Office?

MUFACE e-Office

It should be noted that the e-Office services are being adapted to the Cl@ve system (common platform of the State Public Administration Sector for identification, authentication, and electronic signature).

We recommend that mutual society member who normally accesses this service using their "DNI/Membership number and postcode" or with their "DNI/Membership number and password" registers with the Cl@ve system, as over the coming months these methods of access will become unavailable and access will only be granted through those offered by the Cl@ve platform (digital certificate, electronic DNI, Cl@ve Permanent, and Cl@vePIN).

Why use the e-Office?

MUFACE launched the e-Office on the internet to address the right of mutual society members and beneficiaries to interact with the Administration via electronic media, as established in Act 11/2007 of 22 June, on electronic access of citizens to Public Services.

The e-Office allows mutual society members to access the Administration from anywhere with an internet connection, to carry out the same procedures that were previously effected in person, avoiding travel and waiting times. In addition, the e-Office means applications can be made 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You must take into account the fact that reception on a non-working day will be understood, for the purposes of the calculation of the fixed term, in working or natural days, and with regard to complying with deadlines by concerned individuals, presentation on a non-working day will be understood as taking place at the start of the following working day, unless a regulation expressly permits reception on a non-working day.

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