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Declaration of economic aids

Declaration of economic aids or benefits of mutual society members and their family unit that are not subject to the Personal Income Tax

It is a document in which the mutual society member declares, during the current year, that his family unit has received a series of economic aids or benefits, included in the protective action of any Social Security public scheme, that are not subject to the Personal Income Tax.

List of economic aids

The following economic aids and benefits can be declared:

  • Aids or Benefits for the contributor recognised by the Social Security or entities that replace it as a consequence of an absolute permanent disability or severe disability or equivalently recognised by the System for retired Civil Servants.
  • Unfit-for-service or permanent disability benefits included in the System for retired Civil Servants
  • Aids for prostheses
  • Supplementary healthcare benefits
  • Scholarships and study grants
  • Burial assistance
  • Financial aid in multiple birth
  • Others (specifying which)

The document must include the full name of the mutual society member or applicant of the benefit, the Tax ID number (NIF) and the MUFACE membership no.

Declaration of income earned

This document must be accompanied by:

  • The current year's certifications of incomes earned (except if they have been paid by MUFACE)
  • A declaration specifying that no social-healthcare protection benefits or benefits for a disabled dependent child certified through any Social Security public scheme, or for disabled assistance, to be terminated, of MUFACE have been included.

Place, date and signature

The document ends with the phrase: In witness whereof, FOR THE PURPOSE OF APPLYING FOR THE ... BENEFIT from MUFACE, I hereby sign this declaration at …(town/city) on …(date)

Members must understand the following general contents relating to the insurance for civil servants:

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