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Maternity leave

MUFACE's Resolution of 30 September 2009 establishes the on-line version of forms for sick leave, maternity leave and medical reports for temporary disability.

Order APU/2210/2003, of 17 July, governing the procedure for situations of temporary disability and risk during pregnancy in the Special Social Security Regime for Public Civil Servants, establishes in its second final provision that it is MUFACE's responsibility to replace the report forms currently approved for others that can be obtained via electronic, computer and telematic technology, provided that they include the information specified in the Order's articles and that the issuer's identity is guaranteed.

In addition, the second final provision of the aforementioned Order empowers MUFACE to adopt resolutions and issue instructions to apply the contents therein.

Furthermore, the online version of the report forms are included in the framework of purposes of Act 11/2007, of 22 June, regarding citizens' electronic access to Public Services, thus simplifying the exercise of rights and the fulfilment of obligations via electronic means, as well as encouraging proximity to the citizen and administrative transparency.

In this regulatory context, MUFACE is initiating the process of abandoning the former system of printing report books, and it will be progressively replaced by their electronic version, being downloaded from the internet.

To provide awareness and greater exposure to the new system for electronically issuing the report forms, a resolution should be adopted formally establishing their electronic issue in accordance with the second final provision of the aforementioned Order.

By virtue of the aforementioned, the Directorate General of MUFACE has resolved the following:

  1. Online version of the report forms. -The online version of the report forms is issued, to which the mutual society members will have access via the MUFACE website
    • Medical report for Illness, accident or risk during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
    • Specific medical report for situations of temporary disability.
    • Maternity medical report.

The electronic format of the report forms will be fully valid to be used in procedures for recognising temporary disability, risk during pregnancy and risk during breastfeeding and for granting the corresponding leaves.

  1. Effectiveness of the resolution. -This resolution applies retroactively to 11 August 2009, which is when the online version of report forms were available to the users.

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