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Judicial General Mutuality membership document

Membership number specific to this Special Social Security System

Membership of the General Mutual Society is accredited through the corresponding membership document that is issued by MUFACE. It gives the right, among other things, to medical care for civil servants.

We will look at the membership document in addition to:

This document includes the personal details of the civil servant necessary for their identification as a mutual society member and their membership number, which is permanent and specific to this Special Social Security System. The document must be submitted to complete any MUFACE procedure.

The healthcare cards issued by free insurance companies and the public health systems of the Autonomous Communities in no case substitute the membership document.

There are currently various document models, all of which are valid.

Initial incorporation to the General Mutual Society of State Civil Servants is compulsory from the moment of inauguration or, where applicable, from the beginning of the probation period. This incorporation, of a unique and permanent character, will have an effect on the Social Security System, without prejudice to registrations and cancellations, as well as variations that may be produced subsequently in this.

Processing membership, registrations and cancellations

It is regulated in Article 14 of the Regulations on Administrative Mutualism

The membership is made ex officio and, failing that, at the request of the interested party. This procedure is also followed for registrations, cancellations, and changes of administrative situation.

Competent bodies with regard to personnel that formalise the inauguration of career civil servants included in the scope of administrative mutualism, the appointment of probationary civil servants included in the same scope, as well as the change of administrative situation, the retirement and, in general, the administrative acts that alter or modify data relating to the MUFACE membership, must immediately give notice this of these administrative acts, within a maximum period of one month

The interested parties will be able to present their membership, registration or cancellation, directly to the General Mutual Society, and communicate their change in administrative situation or retirement if, for some reason, this has not taken place ex officio within the prescribed time.

The membership or the continued registration of voluntary mutual society members will be presented directly to MUFACE by the interested parties.

How you can request the membership document?

You can request this via the website, e-Office, by post, or in person at any MUFACE Provincial Service or Branch.

The document that accredits the membership of the General Mutual Society, the membership document issued by MUFACE, is necessary to carry out all procedures with the Mutual Society. In the event the holder has healthcare beneficiaries, these appear on the back of the aforementioned document.

Remember that the condition of beneficiary in the scope of administrative mutualism is incompatible with the person who possesses it with:

  1. a) A new recognition or maintenance of that same condition deriving from another mutual society member in the same scope.
  2. b) The condition of being a compulsory mutual society member.
  3. c) Membership of another regime within the Social Security System, whether as a holder or beneficiary (Art. 19 of the Regulations)

More information can be found on the website (, by phoning the Mutual Society Members' Information Office (912 739 500), or in person at a Provincial Service or Representative Office.

Members must understand the following general contents relating to the insurance for civil servants:

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