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Permanent disability: Application form

The mutual society member that presents serious anatomical or functional reductions that reduce his capacity or disable him from carrying out the service must apply for permanent disability by means of the corresponding application form

Applying for the permanent disability involves having clear the following matters:


When the civil servant, after undergoing the prescribed medical treatment and having been discharged medically, presents serious anatomical or functional reductions that reduce his capacity or disable him from carrying out the service and is in a situation of permanent disability. Such a rating does not exclude the possibility that the disabled person may recover the ability to work, if that possibility is medically considered to be uncertain or long-term. The permanent disability must have derived, whichever the cause, from a situation of temporary disability.

Degrees of permanent disability

Permanent disability is classified according to the following degrees:

  • Permanent partial incapacity for the usual function: it is the situation that, without reaching the total degree, limits the performance of the functions of his Group, Scale or post.
  • Total partial disability for the usual function: is the situation that disables the civil servant from performing all or the most important functions of his Group, Scale or post.
  • Absolute permanent disability for all work: it is the situation that completely disqualifies the civil servant for all professions or trades
  • Severe disability: it is the situation of the civil servant affected by absolute permanent disability that, due to anatomical or functional losses, requires the assistance of another person for essential acts in life such as getting dressed, moving about, eating and the like.
  • Non-disabling permanent injuries: The definitive injuries, mutilations and deformations caused by occupational disease or in active service or as a result thereof, be it an accident or due to risk specific to the position, without involving full or total permanent disability or severe disability and that constitute an alteration or decrease in their physical integrity, will entitle them to receive once any indemnities established in the regulations.

Disability forms

In order to apply for any type of disability, there are a series of application forms. You can download them by clicking on the corresponding link:

Members must understand the following general contents relating to the insurance for civil servants:

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