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Healthcare and social services

The mutual society members and their beneficiaries are protected by the MUFACE healthcare cover in the following contingencies:

  • Need of healthcare
  • Temporary disability
  • Permanent disability
  • Dependent relatives

We can classify the benefits into three types: healthcare, social and other services

Healthcare provisions

  • Nationwide private healthcare: Its purpose is to provide medical, surgical and pharmaceutical services aimed at maintaining or restoring the health condition of the beneficiaries under this special system, as well as their ability to work
  • Healthcare abroad: MUFACE provides healthcare for its members and beneficiaries that are stationed and residing abroad through the Healthcare abroad agreement. Agreement that since 1 January 2012 has been entered with the Insurance Company DKV
  • Pharmaceutical benefits: The pharmaceutical benefit includes master formulas, specialities and pharmaceutical products, with the extension established for the beneficiaries of the Public Health System
  • Supplementary Healthcare Benefits The definition, extension and content will be defined by regulations. The following can be mentioned: dental benefits, optical benefits, other supplementary benefits and benefits for ortho-prosthetic material

Social benefits

They are as follows:

Other Services:

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