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Work-related accident and disease

There is a dossier to investigate and determine the causes of the work-related accidents and diseases, as well as the subsequent procedure for recognising the deriving rights

If a mutual society member has a work-related accident or suffers from an occupational illness that requires healthcare, there is a procedure in place for recognising the rights they are entitled to as a result. This procedure is set forth in Order APU/3554/2005, of 7 November, regulating the procedure for the recognition of the rights deriving from work-related accidents and diseases in active service in the field of administrative mutualism managed by MUFACE.

This procedure is drawn up in a document to be used by the Personnel Bodies of the various Public Administrations, on the occasion of the initiation of the cause investigation dossier, for the purpose of notifying the MUFACE Provincial Service and the corresponding Prevention Service, of the accident the mutual society member has suffered.

Next, we will address:

  1. What is a work-related accident and disease within the scope of Muface?
  2. Cause investigation dossier
  3. Procedure for recognising the deriving rights 

What is a work-related accident and disease within the scope of Muface?

It is necessary to specify what is understood by work-related accident disease.

A work-related accident or disease is that which occurs on the occasion or as a result of active service to the Administration.

A work-related disease is that contracted by the mutual society member as a result of their service to the Administration, provided it is caused by the action of the elements or substances determined in the statutory standards of the General Social Security System or other standards issued for this purpose.

Cause investigation dossier

Its purpose is to determine the causes of the injuries and limitations or circumstances in which the work-related disease was initiated and to establish a causal relationship between them and the service or task carried out by the mutual society member.

This dossier is a preliminary requirement to process the procedure for recognising the rights arising from occupational illness and accidents while in service.

The dossier can be opened ex oficio or at the request of the affected mutual society member. The dossier is governed by articles 3, 4 and et al of the Order APU/3554/2005 of 7 November

Procedure for recognising the deriving rights

It is processed through the competent MUFACE Provincial Service, prior or simultaneously to the granting of the benefits deriving from said contingencies.

When the resolution of the Personnel Body, which closes the cause investigation dossier and is notified to the mutual society member's corresponding Provincial Service, concludes that there was a work-related accident or disease while in service, the procedure will be initiated automatically.

This procedure's instruction includes the resolution that closes the cause investigation dossier.

The procedure ends with the resolution of the Directorate General of MUFACE, which is notified to the interested party and recognises the affected mutual society member's right to receive the benefits set forth in articles 76,110 and other related articles of the General Regulation of Administrative Mutualism.

We refer you to the Order mentioned for the Procedure granting the benefits deriving from said contingencies in Section 2 of Chapter III.

Las Study grants also are included within the benefits offered by MUFACE.

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