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Muface benefits

There are many benefits available to mutual society members and beneficiaries. We can group them in healthcare, social and other services

Article 12 of the Act on Social Security for State Civil Servants, approved by Legislative Royal Decree 4/2000, of 23 June, which specifically refers to the Muface benefits, establishes that the mutual society members and beneficiaries have the right to the following benefits when they comply with the legal requirements:

  • Healthcare
  • Benefits for temporary disability, risk during pregnancy or risk during breastfeeding.
  • Rehabilitation benefits in cases of permanent disability (total, absolute and severe disability):
  • Benefits for the remuneration of the care-giver looking after a severe disabled person
  • Compensation for injury, mutilation or deformity caused by an occupational disease or occurring in the act of service or as a result of the performance of the service
  • Social services
  • Social benefits
  • Family benefits due to disabled child under one's care
  • Financial aid in multiple birth

We can summarise and group Muface's benefits in the following sections:

  1. Healthcare Provisions
  2. Social Benefits
  3. Other services

Healthcare Provisions


  • Nationwide private healthcare: Its purpose is to provide medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical services with the aim of maintaining or restoring the health condition of the beneficiaries under this special system, as well as their ability to work. The healthcare benefit includes primary care services, including emergency primary care on an outpatient or home basis, and specialised care services, whether on an outpatient or hospital basis and including hospital emergency services, all of which will have a similar content to that established for beneficiaries of the Public Health System.
  • Healthcare abroad: MUFACE provides healthcare for its members and beneficiaries that are stationed and residing abroad through the Healthcare abroad agreement. Agreement that since 1 January 2012 has been entered with the Insurance Company DKV. Its healthcare content is equivalent to the healthcare benefits offered in Spain to everyone protected by MUFACE
  • Pharmaceutical Benefits: The pharmaceutical benefit includes master formulas, specialities and pharmaceutical products, with the extension established for the beneficiaries of the Public Health System. The beneficiaries will contribute with a percentage of the prescription or, where applicable, of the medication, which will be defined by regulation
  • Supplementary Healthcare Benefits: The definition, extension and content will be defined by regulations. The following can be mentioned: dental benefits, optical benefits, other supplementary benefits and benefits for ortho-prosthetic material
  • Reimbursement of healthcare expenses: It is carried out in two cases: healthcare provided when not a member and healthcare provided when temporarily abroad.

Social Benefits:

  • Disability

According to article 19 of the Act, the situation of temporary disability is granted when the civil servant suffers a pathological process due to a disease or injury arising from an accident that impedes him temporarily to perform with normality his public functions or if he is in a period of medical observation due to a work-related disease, provided that he receives the necessary healthcare from the General Mutual Society for Civil Servants and has obtained the leave due to illness.

  • Benefit for risk during pregnancy and risk during breastfeeding.

The situations of risk during pregnancy or during breastfeeding of children below 9 months will be deemed equal to the situation of temporary disability resulting from work-related disease; therefore, no waiting period will be required and its healthcare provisions will apply to this situation.

  • Family members

There are 3 types of benefits:

  1. Benefit for a disabled child or minor under one's care
  2. Single-payment economic benefit for multiple births or adoptions
  3. Special allowance for multiple births, adoptions or fostered children
  • Social-healthcare Protection Benefits

Muface offers the following social-healthcare protection benefits:

  1. Benefits to facilitate personal independence
  2. Extension allowances for previous benefits (Epigraph 9 of the 2017 resolution on benefit applications)
  3. Benefits for temporary stays in assisted living homes or day and night care centres
  4. Benefits to assist people with drug addictions
  5. Benefits to assist people with psychiatric illnesses
  6. Benefits for people with coeliac disease
  7. Benefits for cancer patients
  • Other Social Benefits. Learn about all the social benefits provided by Muface

Other Services:

  • Mortgage loan for the purchase of residential property - BBVA
  • Podiatry Services (Agreement between MUFACE and the General Council of Professional Associations of Podiatrists)

There are other benefits which MUFACE members are also entitled to, besides the healthcare or social welfare benefits. They are the following:

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