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Nationwide private healthcare

National healthcare is covered through agreements between MUFACE and the Social Security Institute or private health insurance companies.

MUFACE mutual society members will have their healthcare covered through agreements signed by the insurance company with the Social Security Institute and health insurance for civil servants provided by private health insurance companies. These agreements reflect the rights and obligations of the mutual society member and the private company. Also, it includes the types, form and conditions of healthcare for the beneficiaries.

In the following paragraphs, we will cover the following topics:


MUFACE signs agreements with the National Social Security Institute and different health insurance companies. The current healthcare agreement has been signed for 2018 and 2019. You can make an ordinary change and a special change of medical insurance company:

  • Ordinary change: This can be done in the months of January and June. This can be carried out by mutual society member and healthcare beneficiaries. You can only change company during the change period. If mutual society members do not request a change, they will stay with the same company.
  • Special change: There are many circumstances in which a mutual society member can change health insurance company outside of the ordinary terms:
    • If the mutual society member has to travel to another province or island.
    • If a mutual society member changes the province or island of their home address, whilst maintaining their current job.
    • When a retired mutual society member or beneficiary changes address due to the death, separation, divorce or invalidity of the civil servant. An equivalent membership document must be possessed. You can only change company once a year.
    • If the affected companies expressly consent to the change. This case only occurs if a MUFACE mutual society member moves from a public healthcare service to a private insurance company.
    • If you go from being covered by a healthcare agreement abroad to a healthcare agreement in Spain. This circumstance is not possible if the person loses the status of mutual society member.
    • When, for justifiable reasons, several members have the same healthcare problem.

A special change from an insurance company to Social Security can also be carried out. It must be requested by the holder and approved by a committee formed by MUFACE and Social Security. In addition to the application, mutual society members must attach a report indicating the medical procedure that they or a beneficiary is undergoing, and the reason for needing to move to a public healthcare centre. Furthermore, MUFACE mutual society members undertake to be registered with the National Society Security System for two years if they are granted the change.

This change must be carried out via an application form. In addition, MUFACE mutual society members must present their membership document or equivalent membership document.

List of services

The healthcare agreement regulates the services that MUFACE mutual society members and their beneficiaries can access. The services include:

  • Primary care
  • Specialised care
  • Emergency care
  • Medical transportation

Mutual society members must comply with the rules for accessing the list of services. In addition, you can access a complaints form if you experience any problems with the care provided by any health insurance company.

MUFACE members have access to other healthcare benefits. They are the following:

Our coverage sets us apart

DKV 24-hour doctor

Remote medical advice.

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Quiero Cuidarme free app.

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From your mobile through the private customer area.

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