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Work-related accident in active service

The cause investigation dossier for an accident in active service is opened with an accident report

A work-related injury or disease is that which occurs on the occasion or as a result of active service for the Administration.

If a mutual society member has a work-related accident or suffers from an occupational illness, there is a procedure in place for recognising the rights they are entitled to as a result, such as medical assistance. This procedure is set forth in Order APU/3554/2005, of 7 November, regulating the procedure for the recognition of the rights deriving from work-related accidents and diseases in active service in the field of administrative mutualism managed by MUFACE.

The dossier can be opened ex oficio or at the request of the affected mutual society member. The dossier is governed by articles 3, 4 and et al of the Order APU/3554/2005 of 7 November

Structure of the Accident in Active Service Report:

The basic document to open the dossier is Accident in Active Service Report:

It is a document is drawn up to be used by the Personnel Bodies of the various Public Administrations, on the occasion of the initiation of the cause investigation dossier, to notify the MUFACE Provincial Service and the corresponding Prevention Service, of the accident the mutual society member has suffered.

The report for Accident in Active Service includes the following sections:

1. Personnel Body that issues it

It must specify if it is a body of the Public Administration, and within this, if it is a part of the General State Administration, of an Autonomous Community, of a local entity or another.

To identify the personnel body, we must indicate the Ministry or Department, the public body or company, Government delegation or subdelegation, provincial or territorial directorate, and other identifying information.

Section 1.7 requires a contact email, 1.8 a contact telephone number, 1.9 a contact fax number and 1.10 the name of the civil servant's position or the authority issuing the report.

2. Details of the injured mutual society member

It must include:

  • Surname(s)
  • First Name
  • NIF (Tax ID number)
  • Qualification group
  • Administrative situation
  • Work post
  • Centre or administration unit the post reports to

3. Circumstances of the accident

  • Place in which it occurred Here we must specify if the civil servant, when having the accident was at:
  • Location of the job post
  • In an office or place near the building
  • Specify details of the location: floor, office no., organic unit, etc.
  • At the building's entrance (detail)
  • During a trip when acting in service
  • During the journey to/from work
  • Private car
  • Bus
  • Metro
  • Train

3.2 Circumstances of the accident

In the last section of the document, we must specify

  • Date and time
  • Activity that the injured mutual society member was carrying out
  • Possible causes (Workplace, technical equipment, machinery, furniture, materials used and the like)
  • Initially visible injuries or consequences
  • If the civil servant was subject to a medical leave

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