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Burial assistance

This covers the burial costs of mutual society members, beneficiaries, or people in assimilated situations who have died in the 5 years prior to the application

Burial assistance is a single payment to cover the burial costs of a mutual society member, beneficiary, or holder of any document assimilated to affiliation. This service, together with health insurance for civil servants, is included in the scope of the MUFACE healthcare system.

In this article, we will take a look at the following points:

Concept of burial

Burial is simply “the ceremony or act of burying the body of a person that has passed away”. Burial is sometimes referred to technically as interment.

A burial can be:

  • Complete:
    • A traditional funeral that includes the funeral wake, the transportation of the deceased in a hearse, and the burial. This is the most expensive type.
  • Direct:
    • The body is placed in a coffin without being embalmed and is buried a few days after the death. Only the transportation, care of the body, and burial are covered.
  • Burial by cremation:
    • This consists of incinerating the remains of the deceased person and putting the ashes into an urn. Then, the ashes are placed in a cemetery or scattered somewhere. This is not a burial as such because the deceased person is not actually buried. Cremation is much less expensive than a complete burial.

Amount for burial expenses

The burial assistance received by MUFACE mutual society members and their beneficiaries. The burial assistance amounts to €450.76.

Coverage of burial expenses: Situations

The burial expenses may be claimed by a MUFACE mutual society member or a person in an assimilated situation. Burial assistance may be requested in the following situations:

  • The death of a beneficiary or holder of a document assimilated to affiliation.
  • Any child of a mutual society member who fulfils the requirements to be a beneficiary, and has died within the first month of their life, will be considered a beneficiary.
  • Burial assistance may be requested when the deceased is a foetus who was inside the maternal womb for 180 days, even if they do not fulfil the conditions of Article 30 of the civil code.

Term and place of presentation of the burial assistance

Burial assistance can be requested within five years after the date of the death. The application form can be submitted at the following places:

  • MUFACE Provincial Services or Representative Offices
  • Registers provided for in Public Administration and General Administrative Procedures Law 39/2015.

Each Administration has a Common Administrative Registry containing all the documentation submitted or received in any administrative or public body, or dependent entity. This Register also includes a record of the output of official documents sent to other bodies or individuals.

The Common Administrative Registry functions as a web portal that provides access to the electronic records of each Organisation. In any case, all records must comply with current personal data protection legislation (European Data Protection Regulation of 25 May 2018)

The entries are recorded in the chronological order that the documents are received or sent, and the date of each entry is indicated.

The electronic record of each Administration or Organisation guarantees that each entry that is made includes a number, epigraph detailing its character, date and time of presentations, identification of the interested party, the sending administrative body, where applicable, and the recipient individual or administrative body, and, where applicable, reference to the content of the document being recorded.

Interested parties can send documents to public administration bodies in the following ways:

  • Via the Electronic Common Administrative Registry of each Administration
  • In post offices through the procedures established by regulations
  • In Spanish diplomatic or consular offices overseas
  • In any assistance office for records matters
  • In any other registers established by current provisions.

The electronic records of each Administration must be fully interoperable.

All documents presented in person to a Public Administration must be digitalised in accordance with the provisions of Article 27, and other applicable regulations, by the assistance office for records matters where the documents have been presented, so that they can be included in an electronic administrative file. Then, the original copies must be returned to the interested party.

  • Electronic Common Administrative Registry (REC) of the Public Administration. For this purpose, it is necessary to have an Electronic DNI (Spanish ID) or electronic certificate.

Burial assistance may not be requested if a widow of mutual society member passes away due to the fact the assistance can only be requested by the new holder of the assimilated card and not one of the children. Similarly, burial assistance cannot be requested if the deceased was not a beneficiary.

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