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Support benefits

Benefits aimed at covering needs of MUFACE mutual society members and that of their family members

Within the social welfare provided by MUFACE, there are support benefits available to address situations of need in which mutual society members and their family members or equivalent individuals may find themselves in. They are governed by articles 137 to 139 of the Regulation on Administrative Mutualism.

Includes services and economic benefits aimed at responding to certain conditions or situations of need that are not covered by other benefits, provided that the person lacks the sufficient resources to cope with the situation in question.

Its granting is subject to the interested party certifying that he lacks the sufficient resources.

Regarding the support benefits, we will address the following matters:

What do healthcare benefits cover?

Support benefits include (article 137.2):

  1. Those provided for special treatments or interventions, exceptionally, by a specific physician when not covered by the healthcare benefit.
  2. Those defined due to nonexistence, loss or insufficiency of benefits in specific cases.
  3. Those due to urgent expenses in the event of duly justified extraordinary importance.
  4. In general terms, any other equivalent whose reception has not been governed in regulations applicable to this special system

Causes and beneficiaries of the social benefit (article 138)

  1. Mutual society members and family members or equivalent listed in articles 15 and 16 of this regulation shall be eligible for the benefits governed in this section (section 2 of chapter IX) when the conditions required in each case have been met, without it being essential in this case to fulfil the requirements established in the aforementioned articles.
  2. Mutual society members and holders of a document equivalent to the membership document can receive the benefits referred to in this section.

Incompatibilities with the support benefits

The social healthcare benefits granted by the General Mutual Society will be incompatible, at least in the band in which the amount coincides, with other benefits provided or funded with public funds, provided that they are intended for the same purpose and that the subject and causing events coincide.


The MUFACE Provincial Committees are responsible for defining the criteria for issuing the Support Benefits, subject to: to the regulations of the provision, to the homogenisation parameters established by the Directorate General of MUFACE, prior report from the General Council, and to the credits annually allocated.

Term for submission

Check the document of Submission periods for requesting Healthcare Benefits due to insufficiency of income of MUFACE'S Provincial Committees.

For further information, contact your Provincial Service.

Place of Presentation

MUFACE Provincial Services or Representative Offices or in any of the registries considered in Article 16 of Act 39/2015, of 1 October, on the Common Administrative Procedure of the Public Administration.

Alternatively, you can submit your application to MUFACE via the Electronic Common Administrative Registry (REC) of the Public Administration. To do this, you must have a valid Electronic DNI (Electronic Spanish ID) or digital certificate.

The rest of the social welfare benefits to which MUFACE members have access are as follows:

Our coverage sets us apart

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Remote medical advice.

Digital health

Quiero Cuidarme free app.

Online appointment

From your mobile through the private customer area.

Quiero cuidarme Más

Online medical video consultation app.

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For mutual society members and their relatives.

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