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Benefits for coeliacs

The purpose of the benefits for coeliacs is to fund the purchase of processed, treated or prepared foods that meet the specific needs of coeliac patients.

On 10 July 2018, a MUFACE ruling announced the granting of social-healthcare protection benefits for 2018, establishing in subsection 1.5 a programme of benefits aimed at funding the purchase of processed, treated or prepared foods to meet the specific needs of celiac patients.

With respect to benefits for coeliacs, we will see:


Beneficiaries must meet the following requirements:

  1. a) Be MUFACE mutual society members or beneficiaries and registered or in an equivalent position
    b) Have the corresponding coeliac disease, duly certified, without age limit.

Amount of the benefits

The benefits will be annual and based on the monthly financial circumstances of the beneficiary of the benefit, calculated according to the rules of subsection 2.10 of Muface's Resolution of 10 July 2018 and including income amounts established in subsection 2.11.2 of this announcement resolution and according to the IPREM amount for the year 2016.

The annual amount of the benefit will be set according to the following scale:

Financial capacity according to the IPREM amount

Maximum annual benefit

Lower than the IPREM


Between one or two times the IPREM


Between two and three times the IPREM


Between three and four times the IPREM


When the financial capacity is four times higher than the IPREM, no benefit will be granted.

If the mutual society member or beneficiary is so during part of the year 2018, the annual nature of the benefit involves that the amount of the benefit will be applied on a pro rata basis to the corresponding days. Likewise, the pro rata basis will also be applied if the initial disease diagnosis date is after 1 January 2018.

Request and documentation

In addition to the documentation required in subsection 2.9 of the common rules, the interested party must provide the following documentation accompanied by the application:

  1. a) A report from the authorised practitioner, Graduate or Doctor in Medicine or Surgery with specialist qualification, that certifies the coeliac disease suffered by the beneficiary, except if provided in previous announcements.
  2. b) Documentation justifying the level of income in accordance with subsection 2.11 of this announcement resolution.

Resolution and payment

The resolution of the granting of these benefits will be effective from 1 January to 31 December 2018, considering the provisions established in subsection 2.4 of the current announcement resolution.

Regarding the content set forth in subsection 2.6., a single payment will be made without having to prove the incurred expenses.

Incompatibility with other MUFACE benefits

The benefits of this programme are incompatible with:

  1. a) The benefit for assisted living in the programme of extension of effects, according to section 9 of the current announcement resolution
  2. b) The benefits of the programme for the healthcare of psychiatric patients in the event of absolute hospitalisation
  3. c) The modality of assisted living of the programme of temporary stays in specific centres in the amount proportional to the period of temporary stay.

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