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Social Benefits

Social benefits are intended for responding to situations of need by means of specific financial aid.

The General Spanish Civil Service Mutual Insurance Company will provide the services and financial assistance that it deems appropriate to respond to conditions and situations of need (Article 31 of Royal Legislative Decree 4/2000, of 23 June)

Therefore, MUFACE offers the following social benefits:

  1. Retirement benefit
  2. Death benefit
  3. Burial assistance
  4. Study grants for mutual society members
  5. Renewal residence grants for the children and orphans of mutual society members
  6. "Legado Casado de la Fuente" study grant
  7. Support benefits

Retirement benefit

This is a single economic benefit payment granted to a mutual society member on the date of their forced retirement due to age or permanent incapacity. It is equal to half of their normal monthly basic payments which they are entitled to receive at the time of their retirement, for the events which resulted in the forced retirement and which occurred from 1 January 2013, inclusive. (Article 131 of the General Regulation of Administrative Mutualism)

Death benefit

The amount is paid upon the death of a mutual society member to their family members or persons under their care. The amount varies depending on the age of the person who dies. However, the minimum amount is set at €751.28, for cases in which the triggering event (the death) occurred on or after 1 January 2013.
The death benefit can be presented within 5 years after the death.

Burial assistance

This benefit covers the burial expenses due to the death of a beneficiary or holder of an equivalent membership document.

It is an economic benefit set at €450.76.

Study grants for mutual society members

These grants aim to totally or partially cover the cost of the registration and enrollment for university studies taken by the mutual society member. They are approved annually by MUFACE.

The amount of the grant is that paid by the mutual society member to enrol, with the maximum limit of €150.00 for courses enrolled in 2017/2018

Renewal residence grants for the children and orphans of mutual society members

These are monthly economic benefits to totally or partially cover the expenses of a University Halls of Residence, University Residence, or a Living Unit, generated when a student goes to a university in a different town to where his family home is located, due to the fact that the course is not offered by any education centres in their hometown. The students must be the children or orphans of mutual society members who were already beneficiaries of the MUFACE residence grants during the 2016/2017 academic year, and whose situation has not changed, meaning that they have to continue their studies in a centre not located in their hometown.

"Legado Casado de la Fuente" study grant

These are grants covered by the "Legado Casado de la Fuente" study grant for the children or orphans of mutual society members in rural areas who study a diploma or degree in Agricultural Engineering in 2017/2018. The grant consists of a single payment of 221.25 euros.

Support benefits

This modality includes services and economic benefits aimed at responding to certain conditions or situations of need that are not covered by other services, provided that the person lacks the sufficient resources to cope with the situation in question.
The MUFACE Provincial Committees are responsible for defining the criteria for issuing the support benefits

For more information, please consult the Provincial Service in your area.

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