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Permanent non-disabling injury

Permanent non-disabling injuries of a mutual society member entitle them to an indemnity. The amount is established in Article 110 of the Regulations on Administrative Mutualism

The law and its Regulations demand that permanent non-disabling injuries fulfil some requirements. This involves the injury occurring during active service and being qualified by the Disability Assessment Team as definitive and constituting a physical alteration that does not mean retirement from the service for permanent disability. This is a social security benefit that complements the MUFACE healthcare cover.

Permanent non-disabling injuries are regulated in Section 3 of Chapter VII of the aforementioned Regulations

According to Article 109, when a mutual society member suffers an injury, mutilation or deformity, in addition to a limitation in the performance of the functions of their particular Corps, scale, or term, caused by occupational disease or in active service or as a result of this, be it an accident or due to risk specific to the position, that has a definitive character and that, without meaning the civil servant's retirement from the service for permanent disability, constitutes an alteration or decrease in their physical integrity, will entitle them to receive an indemnity, in accordance with the amounts established in Article 110 of the Regulations of Administrative Mutualism, of 28 March 2003.

Now, let's take a look at the following points:

Amount of the benefit

The amount is set by Article 110.

The indemnity for permanent non-disabling injuries consists of the single payment, of one of the two following amounts, as applicable:

  1. a) The corresponding amount as a consequence of applying the established scale for the General Social Security System, provided that the injuries do not constitute permanent disability in any of its degrees and appear contained therein.
  2. b) If the injuries constitute a permanent partial disability for the usual function, the amount to be paid will be the equivalent of 24 monthly payments of the contribution base to the administrative mutualism in force in the month of the first sick leave or, failing that, in the month in which the accident occurred or the illness that led to the anatomical or functional reduction was diagnosed.

To calculate the amount of this indemnity, the contribution bases corresponding to the extraordinary payments of June and December will be prorated


Permanent non-disabling injuries or deformities, which are completely independent of those that produce anatomical or functional reduction that were taken into consideration to declare retirement from the service for permanent disability, will entitle the corresponding indemnity, which will be compatible with the pension originated by the permanent disability and, where applicable, with the benefit for remuneration of the person responsible for caring for the invalid from the administrative mutualism.

Prescribing the right to benefit

In cases of recognition of rights deriving from work-related accidents and diseases, in active service or as a result of this, and of recognition of the indemnity for permanent non-disabling injuries, the aforementioned term will begin from the day after that on which the injuries, mutilations, or deformities attained a definitive character.

Term and place of application

This is five years from the date listed on the first sick leave note or from the day the injuries were produced.

  • MUFACE Provincial Services or Representative Offices or in any of the registries considered in Article 16 of Act 39/2015, of 1 October, on the Common Administrative Procedure of the Public Administration.
  • This request can also be sent to MUFACE via the Common Electronic Record (CER) of the General State Administration. To do this, you must have a valid Electronic DNI (Electronic Spanish ID) or digital certificate.

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