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Podiatry services agreement

MUFACE mutual society members also have a podiatry service.

This has been made possible thanks to the agreement signed by the mutual society and the General Board of Professional Associations of Podiatrists.

Below, we will look at the following points:

  1. Treatments included in the service agreement
  2. Professional associations of podiatrists associated with the services agreement

Treatments included in the service agreement  

The services agreement signed between MUFACE and the General Council of Professional Associations of Podiatrists includes a determined amount of cover according to podological treatment:



1. First visit


2. Therapeutic control


3. Biomechanical Exploration and Gait study


4. Biomechanical Exploration and Digitalised gait study


5. Chiropody


6. Nail retraining


7. Verruca (curative session)


8. Paediatric staff


9. Plantar support


10. Heel supports


11. Hallux valgus correctors


12. Digital-Metatarsal Orthosis


13. Interdigital Orthosis


14. Digital-Metatarsal Prosthesis


15. Total prosthesis


16. Fifth toe corrector


17. Crests and rings


18. Lengthening of soft material


19. Lifts, wedges, supports


20. Soft material insole bases


9:00 pm. Splints


22. Foot infiltration


23. Nail surgery


24. Surgery: Cysts, small glomus tumours


25. Exostosis/Condroma subungueal surgery


26. Toe surgery


27. Fifth ray surgery


28. Metatarsal alignment


29. Hallux valgus surgery


30. Morton's Neuroma Surgery


Podiatry treatments 23 and 30 should also include also operating theatre and other additional expenses. These costs will be budgeted prior to the surgical procedure performed by the podiatrist.

Professional associations of podiatrists associated with the services agreement

To the service agreement signed with MUFACE have been added the following Professional Associations of Podiatrists:

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