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Extension allowances for previous benefits

With this aid the financial support granted in previous calls to certain beneficiaries is maintained.

Resolution of 10 May, 2017, of the General Mutual Society for State Civil Servants, through which is convened the granting of financial aid for social-healthcare protection in 2017 (Official State Gazette of 23 May 2017), contains the standard regulating this benefit in its Heading 9

We will analyse:

Purpose of the benefit

The purpose of this programme is to allow the maintenance of financial aid granted in the resolutions of previous calls to certain beneficiaries of those, and for whom the right to financial services and benefits of the Autonomy and Dependency Care System is not yet effective, for reasons not attributable to the interested parties, after having requested the recognition of their dependency status, with a determination of their degree and level, where appropriate, in accordance with the provisions of Act 39/2006, of December 14 and development regulations, and Royal Decree-Law 20/2012, of July 13, on measures to guarantee budgetary stability and promote competitiveness.

Nonetheless, beneficiaries of this programme for the prolongation of effects may include people who have been declared non-dependent by resolution of the competent body of the ADCS, provided that the following two requirements are met:

  • The disability rating that served as the basis for the grant in previous years is maintained.
  • The non-dependent declaration was made by the competent body of the ADCS after 1 January, 2011, or, if the declaration as non-dependent was prior to this date, the interested party requested a new assessment by the ADCS.


This is the amount corresponding to the aid that is stopping that was being received, without update in 2017.


In accordance with that stated in the 2017 call, beneficiaries may be those people who in the previous call would have obtained an aid of the same type and who meet the following requirements:

1) Their financial status has not altered by more than 5% with respect to the previous call.

2) They are affected by a disability rating equal to or more than either 65% or 80%; if in the latter case, they are not yet 65 years of age (except for Telecare).

3) There has been no variation in their family unit or other circumstances that were considered for the granting of the previous aid.

4) They have not received a service or financial benefit linked to this, through the ADCS.

5) They fulfil the requirement in the last paragraph of Heading 9.1.

Term for submission

Applications can be presented until 31 December, 2017, inclusive, in accordance with that established in the corresponding call.

Place of Presentation

Applications may be submitted to:

  • MUFACE Provincial Services or Representative Offices, or through any of the registers provided for in Article 16.4 of Act 39/2015, of 1 October, on the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations.
  • Alternatively, you can submit your application to MUFACE via the Electronic Common Administrative Registry (REC) of the Public Administration. To do this, you must have a valid Electronic DNI (Electronic Spanish ID) or digital certificate.

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