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Subsidy for risk during pregnancy

When a pregnant civil servant is at risk during pregnancy and this is accredited by the corresponding reports, they may request this benefit, after being in this situation for 3 months

This is a grant which can be requested by MUFACE members who have leave due to risk during pregnancy, the amount of which is 100% of the supplementary remuneration accrued in the third month of the leave.

We will look at the following issues:

Accrediting the situation of risk

The accreditation of the risk during pregnancy is documented through:

-a report from a doctor who reports to the Organisation or, where applicable, from the Public Health Service to which the mutual society member is associated and which she attends voluntarily, which diagnoses her pregnancy and the probable birth date.

-a report from the Health and Safety service at the place of work where the mutual society member carries out her activity, which explains the worker-health monitoring and control functions. The above-mentioned report must state whether or not there are agents, procedures, or working conditions that may negatively influence the health of the worker and/or her unborn child. For this purpose we must take into account the non-exhaustive list of such agents, procedures, and working conditions included in Annex II of Royal Decree 39/1997, of 17 January. Alternately, the certificate may be issued by the Medical Service of the centre if it collaborates with the Health and Safety Service.

Expediting leave for risk during pregnancy

In the case of risk during pregnancy, in the first three months of leave will be issued, with general character, a single leave certificate. If the expected duration of the period of risk is less than three months, and that date was reached without the risk disappearing, it is necessary to issue a new supporting certificate on the situation and the new period of probable duration. If the beginning of the fourth month of extension of the certificate is reached and the situation of risk continues, a certificate with the same content will be issued on said date or the next business day

This certificate will be delivered to the personnel body (examples for the personnel body and MUFACE, which will be forwarded by the personnel body) not later than the fourth business day from the date the situation started.

The model of the certificate for recognising these situations is that established in Annex I of Order PRE/1744/2010, of 30 June, regulating the procedure for recognising, controlling and monitoring situations of temporary disability, risk during pregnancy, and risk during natural breastfeeding in the Special Social Security System for State Civil Servants.

Granting of the leave

Based on the reports presented by the mutual society member, the personnel committee may either grant or refuse the requested leave on a reasoned basis. In the event of the leave being granted it must be declared that the position of the mutual society member will not change because it is not regulatorily, technically, or objectively possible, or because it can not reasonably be required for justifiable reasons.

Presenting the benefit request to MUFACE

The mutual society member that has obtained leave for risk during pregnancy, once she has completed the 3 first months in this situation, can request the benefit from MUFACE.

It may be presented at:

  • The MUFACE e-Office, 24 hours a day, every day of the year, without the need to attend a MUFACE branch.
  • In MUFACE provincial services or representative offices, or through any of the registers provided for in Article 16 of Act 39/2017, of 1 October, on the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations, in addition to the Staff Body where the mutual society member works.

The personnel body will directly notify MUFACE of the three months of leave, together with the certificate of the basic and complementary remunerations accrued at the start of the third month of leave and the complementary pay not paid since day 91. It will also provide supporting documentation accrediting the situation of risk for the civil servant.


Order PRE/1744/2010, of 30 June, regulating the procedure for recognising, controlling, and monitoring situations of temporary disability, risk during pregnancy, and risk during natural breastfeeding under the Special Social Security System of State Civil Servants.

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