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MUFACE customer service

The customer service office is a place where mutual society members can resolve any doubts related to services

The customer service office is where MUFACE mutual society members can resolve any doubts related to all available services such as health insurance for civil servants. MUFACE mutual society members can resolve any doubts through the enquiry form on DKV's website or by calling one of the helplines provided.

In this section, we will take a look at:

Enquiry form

The MUFACE customer service form is the first tool available to MUFACE mutual society members. As indicated on the MUFACE website, this form is intended specifically for making enquiries. If you wish to carry out any other operations, please visit the MUFACE website.

To submit the MUFACE customer service form, mutual society members must enter information into a series of fields. The required fields are email, topic and description. MUFACE mutual society members can choose an enquiry topic from a drop-down menu. The following options are available: healthcare abroad, national healthcare, elderly care, family assistance, social benefits, beneficiaries, data change, medical company change, certificates, bank or mortgage agreements, contribution, leave of absence, pharmacy, dedicated funds, permanent disability, temporary disability, retirement, mutual society member, shareholder's branch, MUFACE branches, other social benefits, others reasons for enquiry, health benefits, complaints and suggestions, prescription form, MUFACE membership card, medical health card, assisted reproduction techniques, mobile app operations, electronic office operations, European health card/temporary replacement certificate, vaccinations, and visas.

Some information requested on the MUFACE customer service form is not compulsory. These fields are name, telephone number, indicating whether the person making the enquiry is a MUFACE mutual society member, Spanish ID (DNI) or Foreigner Identification Number (NIE), and MUFACE membership number. The instructions state that if the person filling in the form is a MUFACE mutual society member, they must enter their Spanish ID (DNI) or Foreigner Identification Number (NIE) or personal membership number in order to provide a more personalised response. Similarly, the instructions highlight the importance of entering the correct email address. This channel will be used to respond to MUFACE customers' enquiries.

Puede encontrarlo en este enlace a la página web de la Mutualidad. Y también está disponible a través de la App para dispositivos móviles MUFACE.

Teléfono MUFACE (060)

You can also contact MUFACE by telephone. El contacto telefónico se realiza a través del teléfono 060, que es un servicio común de la Administración del Estado en el que puede encontrar respuesta a su consulta. En caso necesario, pueden derivarle a un agente de la Oficina de Información al Mutualista.
Además, para cuestiones concretas sobre trámites, puede acudir a las oficinas delegadas y a los servicios provinciales de MUFACE para resolver sus dudas.

Aquí tiene el enlace con todos los datos de contacto de las oficinas territoriales de MUFACE

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