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Muface in Palma de Mallorca

MUFACE mutual society members can now carry out any business or paperwork at the Palma de Mallorca branch

MUFACE has provincial services in provinces throughout Spain to resolve any queries about the health insurance for civil servants and other services. MUFACE Palma de Mallorca is one of them. Article 11 of Royal Decree 577/1997 regulates the existence of MUFACE provincial services.

  1. Structure
  2. Basic information

MUFACE Palma de Mallorca: Structure

The MUFACE provincial service in Palma de Mallorca has the following basic structure:

  • Provincial director: The highest authority of the branch office of MUFACE Valencia.
  • Secretary: The second in charge of the MUFACE provincial service in Palma de Mallorca, whose role is to ensure the proper functioning and coordination of MUFACE Palma
  • Managers of representative offices: They will exercise the responsibilities assigned by the Directorate General of MUFACE.

MUFACE Palma de Mallorca: Basic information

The MUFACE Representative Office in Palma de Mallorca is located at C/ Miquel Capllonch, 12. To find out how to contact this provincial branch, please check MUFACE website.

The full list of MUFACE branches in Spain is as follows:

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