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Muface and Social Security: Clarification of concepts

Muface is the Public Body dependent on the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations that governs social security for State Civil Servants.

The conditions of Muface and the Public Social Security many times overlap in the Act on Social Security for State Civil Servants. Muface is the institution that manages the special system of the Social Security for State Civil Servants. However, civil servants of the State Administration who were incorporated after 1 January 2011 are assigned to the General Social Security System for the exclusive purpose of their pension rights, in accordance with the provisions of Article 2 of Royal Legislative Decree 4/2000 of 23 June, which approves the revised text of the State Civil Servants Social Security Act

Difference between Social Security and MUFACE

The Spanish Social Security is a public body that provides its members benefits and healthcare, among these are workers of almost all business sectors.

Muface is a public body of the General State Administration that provides social and healthcare benefits only to State civil servants. Among Muface beneficiaries are included the spouse and descendants of the mutual society member.

In Muface the civil servant and his family can opt to be attended by the public health system or by any of the private insurance companies, such as Adeslas, Sanitas, Asisa and DKV.

Registered in more than one Social Security system

It is governed by article 9 of the Act: The General Regulation of Administrative Mutualism will decide the system applicable to the civil servants that change from one Group to another within the State Civil Administration, as well as those who occupy simultaneously several posts due to their compatibility being legally established.

Preservation of the original Social Security system

Additional second provision of the Act:

  1. Civil servants that by virtue of the content established in the additional provisions of the Act on Measures to reform the Civil Service became part of the Groups and Scales included within the scope of application of administrative mutualism shall remain in the Social Security system they were when this Act became effective, except for that established in paragraph a) of section 3 of the First Additional Provision.
  2. Members of the extinguished Cuerpo de la Polcía Armada, as well as the also extinguished Cuerpo de la Policía Nacional, retired before 1 February 1986 will preserve the Special System of the Social Security for Armed Forces and will be excluded from the provisions of this Act

Social Security Civil Servants and State Civil Servants

Civil servants in the Social Security Administration are excluded from the Special System of MUFACE, which applies to State Civil Servants

Provision by MUFACE

Article 17.1 of the Act establishes that “The healthcare will be provided directly by the General State Civil Servants Mutual Society or through agreements with other public or private entities or centres. These agreements will be established preferably with Social Security institutions”

Duration and termination of Temporary Disability of civil servants

According to article 20 of the Act, the duration and termination of temporary disability shall be those established for the General Social Security System with the specificities set forth in the following sections

Incompatibility of the financial benefits

The family protection benefits established in the Act regarding MUFACE are incompatible with any other similar ones set forth in the remaining Social Security systems. (article 29.2)

Benefit for multiple childbirth

The special maternity benefit for multiple childbirth shall have the same content as the General Social Security System. (article 29.5)

Social services in the Special System of MUFACE

The protective action of this Special system may include the social services offered by the Social Security System, provided that the contingencies it covers are not covered by other benefits

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