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Application of severe disability in Muface

The amount of this benefit for severe disability is equivalent to 50% of the entire pension amount that is credited to the mutual society member in the pension salary at all times.

Regarding the benefit for severe disability, we must consider the following aspects:

What is the severe disability benefit?

When the mutual society member retires for permanent disability, for anatomical, or functional loss, meaning they must be assisted by another person to carry out the most basic life activities, he can request the benefit for severe disability, which is a monthly financial allowance for mutual society members qualified as “severely disabled”.

Therefore, severe disability gives rise to the civil servant's retirement and his right to receive on a monthly basis 50% of the corresponding retirement pension according to the State Civil Service Pension Scheme for the intended purpose of paying the person in charge of his care

The severe disability is caused by any of the following circumstances:

  1. The total loss of vision in both eyes.
  2. The partial or total anatomical or functional loss of the two upper or lower limbs, with the feet and hands being considered as essential pairs.
  3. Any other anatomical or functional loss that brings about the need for a mutual society member to be assisted by another person to carry out the most basic everyday acts, such as getting dressed, getting around, eating, etc.

Application form

The application form for the severe disability benefit must include the following items:

  1. Details of the requesting mutual society member:

Membership number, surnames, Tax ID number, passport or EU identification, address, postcode, town/city, province and telephone number

  1. Requirements for the benefit

The mutual society member must indicate the cause of the severe disability and if it existed on the date of retirement due to permanent disability for the service or if it occurred subsequently

A series of details are required regarding the coverage exclusion period and if the mutual society member receives a retirement pension for permanent disability or not, as well as the total contribution periods

  1. Documentation to be submitted
  2. Instructions to fill in the application form
  3. More information about the benefit
  4. Details for the payment via transfer
  5. Notification details


Term of presentation

This benefit can be requested at any time provided that the applicant can prove that the triggering event of the severe disablement had already occurred before the date of forced retirement.

However, the application will be subject to the regulations related to the benefit payment.

Place of presentation

MUFACE Provincial Services or Representative Offices or in any of the registries considered in Article 16 of Act 39/2015, of 1 October, on the Common Administrative Procedure of the Public Administration.

Alternatively, you can submit your application to MUFACE via the Electronic Common Administrative Registry (REC) of the Public Administration. To do this, you must have a valid Electronic DNI (Electronic Spanish ID) or digital certificate.


Article 26 of the Act on Social Security for State Civil Servants

Articles 104 to 108 of the General Regulations of the Administrative Mutual Society

Supplementary information

If a pension according to State Civil Service Pension Scheme is not due but the rest of the requirements are fulfilled, a contribution period of nine years must be certified.

Members must understand the following general contents relating to the insurance for civil servants:

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