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Online prescription books

The prescription book can be requested via the internet at the MUFACE e-Office.

The prescription books can be requested online via MUFACE's e-Office.

Request prescription books online: Access modalities

The prescription books can be requested at MUFACE's e-Office via the following access modalities:

  • e-certificate or e-DNI: No prior registration is required and you can choose the mailing address for the prescription book.
  • Prior registration: The mutual society member must register previously. He must provide his membership information. The username assigned will coincide with his ID number (DNI or NIE) or passport number. The mutual society member can choose the mailing address to which the prescription books can be sent.
  • Without prior registration or electronic certificate: The mutual society member must identify himself with an ID number (DNI or NIE) or passport number and postcode of residence. The prescription books will be sent to the address appearing on MUFACE's database, as choosing the mailing address is not permitted.

Prescription book request: other methods

As well as via the Internet, the MUFACE mutual society member and his beneficiaries may request the prescription book via other methods:

In person: At a MUFACE branch. The mutual society member must present his membership document or National ID card. In the event of not being the holder, he must present an authorisation with the holder's details and the number of the last prescription book.

Remotely: Sending the application form by post, fax or email. Also presenting a written request.

Mobile app: The MUFACE mutual society member must have previously registered on MUFACE's e-Office. His National ID or NIE will be used as an username. The mutual society member can choose the mailing address of the prescription book.

Prescription book term of validity

Only 22 x 12 cm blue or grey prescription books are valid. The alphanumeric prescription code, with the letter Y and 11 numbers, must appear at the bottom of the prescriptions.

The prescription books that are no longer valid must be deposited at the MUFACE Provincial Services or Representative Offices in order to be destroyed. If the prescription has been issued on a book that is no longer valid, the practitioner must reissue it on a valid prescription book.

Members must understand the following general contents relating to the insurance for civil servants:

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