Coronavirus COVID19

COVID19 is a type of coronavirus that was first detected in December 2019 in the city of Wuhan, China. As it is still such a recent discovery, many of the details of the virus are unknown. Although we know that it spreads quickly, we know that fear, rumours and fake news are harder to control.

In this article, we want to share some advice from our medical team so that you can take the necessary precautions.

Dental implants, what you should know before putting any on

dental implants
Before placing a dental implant, find out all the details about the process and the types of implant you can choose from according to your needs

Dental implants are titanium screws that, by means of minor surgery, are placed on the jaw bone and replace the root of a missing tooth.

Lucía my paediatrician: Food during adolescence

Food during adolescence
It is normal for children's behaviour and appetite to change when they reach adolescence. Tips for them to follow good eating habits in adolescence.

Surviving adolescence! Stop complaining. Just wait until they reach adolescence...

Lucía my paediatrician: Extracurricular activities and obesity

extracurricular activities
The school year is starting and with it comes the newsletter on extracurricular activities. Is choosing a sport a solution to reducing the levels of childhood obesity?

We are living in a time in which our children are weirdos if they don't do any extracurricular activities, right?

Batch cooking: eating out of Tupperware all week

Batch cooking or eating out of Tupperware
The lack of time, full-time work and the idea of eating out of Tupperware to avoid eating out and gaining weight has led to the spreading of batch cooking, which consists in cooking food for the entire week in a same say. Feel like joining us?

In most homes we would like the day to have 48 hours instead of 24 to cover everything we need doing and, on many occasions,

Gynaecological check-up, prevention is better than cure

The best way to avoid health problems is prevention and there's no better to achieve this than by having annual check-ups that should never be missed, in the case of women, a visit to the gynaecologist.

It is advisable to have regular gynaecological check-ups. Preventive medicine through simple and harmless examinations and tests.

5 types of facial spots

facial spots
Although spots and pimples are more common during adolescence, they can also appear in adulthood. We tell you the different types of spots, why they appear and how to treat them.

We tell you about the different type of spots on the face, why they appear and how to treat them.

Lucía my paediatrician: School canteen

In light of the media coverage about the surplus vegetables in a school dining room, we have asked ourselves the following question: Is this the real issue? Lucía my paediatrician explains in this article.

A few days ago there was a big fuss in the news about a group of families that protested in

Cryopreservation of stem cells

Cryopreservation of stem cells
Thanks to our service of umbilical cord stem cell conservation, we are able to invest in health to cure future illnesses.

Cryopreservation consists in a process of conserving stem cells for long periods of time at very low temperatures, reaching -196ºC.