Does your company work towards improving health and the environment?

14th Call for Healthcare Social Benefits You decide 2019


The DKV Seguros Call for Grants for Social Health and Disability Projects aims to provide support for healthcare projects designed to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged persons. The aim is also to support initiatives that promote campaigns to raise awareness on the influence of environmental factors on health.

Winning Organisations 13th Edition


  • Hermanas Hospitalarias, Hospital Beata María Ana in Madrid: sport and brain damage.
  • Barcelona Children's Hospital Foundation: Paediatric Dentistry Unit for children and adolescents with Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy.

Active aging

  • Association for the families of Alzheimer's patients in Ourense: prevention workshops for people with mild cognitive impairment.
  • San Rafael Association, Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia: art project for people with dementia.

Health promotion and prevention

  • Association to support people living with HIV and AIDS in Jerez: support program for hospital patients
  • Foundation to support cancer suffers in Málaga: support program for hospital patients
  • Autism Association of Córdoba: training service on personal care and dental health for people with ASD.
  • Upacesur Atiende Foundation: respiratory physiotherapy for the physical well-being of children with cerebral palsy.

Health and environment

  • Belén María Foundation of the Canary Islands: organic vegetable gardens in schools and elderly care homes.
  • Ecoherencia: Toxin-free homes.