Have access to the best private medical care while paying only for what you need

  • Dental care included: 47 services included and others with large discounts.
  • Discounts in all medical specialities and complementary tests
  • Medical advice helpline at any time and from anywhere.
  • Single premium for families covering up to 8 members
  • For just 79 EUR/year per family
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Our family insurance adapts to your needs

DKV Famedic Joven

I am looking for affordable and flexible insurance in which I pay for the services I really need. "

  • Payment for the use of medical services.
  • Dental cover included: free services with large discounts.
  • Medical helplines: sports, nutrition, women's health, etc.
DKV Famedic Familia

I want insurance that covers me and my whole family for the same price."

  • Insure your whole family (up to 8 members).
  • Pay-per-use of medical services for the whole family.
  • Medical helplines: psychological, nutritional, pregnancy...
DKV Famedic Senior

I need insurance without age discrimination and that covers all my needs."

  • No age limit.
  • Dental cover included: free services with large discounts.
  • Legal advice helpline.
What does DKV Famedic offer?
Coverage and services

Insurance adapted to your needs that gives you access to private medicine in the pay-per-use system at the best price and with dental coverage. 

Services included

We take care of your smile

47 dental services included and others with large discounts: Consultations, check-ups, intraoral x-rays, fluoridation, dressings, studies...

Reimbursement in the event of a dental accident

Reimbursement of medical costs of up to €6,000 in the event of a serious dental accident.

Always thinking about your comfort: payment for use in complementary health services

Discounts in medical specialities and complementary tests in DKV Famedic Salud y Bienestar and with no payment until you use the service.

Telephone advice helplines

Medical advice helpline at any time and from anywhere. If you are worried about a symptom, call us and an agent on one of our 9 helplines will be happy attend to you: general medicine, psychology, nutrition, women's health, sports health, pregnancy, paediatrics, childhood obesity and tropical medicine.

Legal advice helpline

Specialised lawyers will help you resolve any family or private legal matters.

Consider the advantages:

Your whole family, for the same price

Access to the best specialists and medical centres, diagnostic tests and in-clinic treatments, regardless of your state of health or age, and with a single price for you family of up to 8 members.

Easy access to private medicine DKV Famedic

No waiting periods or no statement of health required, you will be able to access the most requested medical specialists. 

No age limit

An insurance policy designed for all ages without age limits or restrictions.

Online contracting

In just 5 minutes you will receive your policy number and you can start to enjoy your insurance. 

Dental cover

See the 47 dental treatments included and the discounted price of the rest of services

Service (approx.) Normal price With DKV Famedic 
Annual check-up EUR 30 Included
Intrabuccal X-ray EUR 28 Included
Oral cleaning EUR51 EUR 12
Fluoride treatment EUR 30 Included
Dental extractions EUR 30-60 EUR 13
Extraction of wisdom teeth EUR 180 EUR 30
Orthopanthomography EUR45 EUR 10
Major dental reconstruction EUR 80 EUR 50

Fissure sealants 

EUR 30 EUR 17
Filling (with or without pulp capping) EUR 42-60 EUR 35
One canal endodontics EUR 84-170 EUR 77
Metal-porcelain crown or bridge (per tooth) EUR250 EUR 210
Dental whitening with splints (per jaw). Any technique EUR 180 EUR 150
Titanium implant EUR 700 EUR 650
Orthodontic treatment: removable appliance per jaw EUR 800 EUR 288


 See dental services prices with DKV Famedic


Complementary services

Discounts in all medical specialities and complementary tests

Reduced prices for the best specialists with the guarantee of DKV Health and Wellbeing Club. Pay only for what you are really going to use.

Operations for short sightedness, long sightedness and astigmatism

A quick and safe procedure that corrects most eye conditions, and you can throw away your glasses! 

Optical products

Discounts on progressive lenses, graduated lenses and sunglasses, from the best brands.

Assisted reproducción

If you're dreaming of starting a family, DKV can help you with the best assisted reproduction provider. You can also bank your baby's cord blood as treatment for a number of genetic diseases.

Plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine

Surgical procedures and other non-invasive treatments to reshape your figure without having to undergo surgery. 

Biomechanical gait analysis

Before buying your next trainers, request a gait analysis to see how your feet work while you run. 

Quit smoking

For acupuncture or hypnosis. New treatments for quitting smoking, with medical and psychotherapeutic help. 


Sleep apnea (CPAP), orthopaedics, day-care services and nursing homes, etc. 

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Terms and conditions, coverage and documentation

Access to services

DKV Famedic offers fast and easy access to its benefits and services, where you can:

  • Search for practitioners and centres in your region.
  • Search for the medical specialities, tests or complementary wellness services of your interest.
  • Access exclusive rates including discounts designed for you.
  • See promotions and offers instantly.
  • Reserve services and access to the benefit at the centre. Access here.

Included cover

With DKV Famedic, as well as receiving discounts of up to 40% in many health services, you will have free access to the following coverage:

  • Dental care.
  • Reimbursement of medical expenses in the event of a serious dental accident (up to 6,000 euros), if it affects more than 3 teeth.
  • Service offering legal advice over the phone, provided by a company specialised in legal defence.