The 'Health insurance for dummies' project

Finalist in the IX Premios Corresponsables awards


The facilities of the IESE in Barcelona hosted the IX Premios Corresponsables award ceremony, organised by the Fundación Corresponsables. The event was attended by people from the world of Social Responsibility, along with the award winners and finalists, who all paid tribute to organisations that fight for a better world.

Yesterday, the Fundación Corresponsables judged the ninth edition of the Premios Corresponsables awards, given to the most innovative and sustainable initiatives in the world of CSR. In this ninth edition, the Awards highlighted their international nature, expanding the scope of initiatives to all Latin American countries. Thus, the 500+ nominations received came from organisations in 16 different countries. 

DKV Seguros resultó finalista en la categoría de Gran Empresa. Silvia Agulló, Head of Responsable Business and Reputation, was there to receive the award. Agulló ended her speech by inviting the audience to be more aware of the power of communication, and the responsibility that comes with this.   

A very multidisciplinary innovation project.

The creation of the book 'Health insurance for dummies', led by the Department of Responsible Business and Reputation, would not have been possible without the heavy involvement and support of many people across the company's different departments, especially: Innovation, Commercial, Health, Legal, Actuarial and Communication. 

The event was attended by the chairman of and managing director of DKV, Josep Santacreu, who is one of the key figures and most renowned people in the field of corporate responsibility. Santacreu paid tribute to the former Secretary-General of the UN and driver of the Global Compact, Kofi Annan, who died this summer. “No company can triumph in a failed country", he added.

Furthermore, Santacreu also indicated that “companies are responsible in their contributions to world problems: hunger, climate change, inequality, instability”.

The new Director-General of CSR for the Government, María Antonia Pérez, also spoke at the ceremony. She spoke about the change that Pedro Sánchez' government wants to create in the country, 'ensuring that Corporate Responsibility, the social economy, good practices of governance and transparency voluntarily and transversally form part of the actions of all ministries'. On behalf of the central Government, the High Commissioner of the Agenda 2030, Cristina Gallach, also took part, indicating that the commitment to fulfil the Agenda 2030 responds to a desire for transformation, given that "we cannot continue to develop like before, we need to be energetic and follow this plan, designed by all the countries of the United Nations, and apply it with determination, because this will take us to where we want to be, where nobody is left behind'.

The Generalitat de Cataluña was represented by the Secretary of Environment and Sustainability, Marta Subirà, who invited businesses, companies and citizens to actively contribute to achieving sustainable development. "Our role as the administration is to drive, help and offer incentives and rewards for this, and we are doing so through projects such as the Catalan circular economy strategy, or the eco-design strategy and awards."

More than 500 nominations

More than 500 nominations were received in this ninth edition, 293 of which were valued by the awards' technical committee for the quality of information reported. 

The Fundación Corresponsables is a non-profit organisation created by the MediaResponsable publishing house. Its main aim is to extend the culture of Social Responsibility to all kinds of public and private organisations, and to society on the whole, particularly emphasising all groups that are doing things well, but who lack the financial resources to report their activities.