Winners of the 5th DKV Medicine and Solidarity Awards

More than 1,000 candidates have participated since its creation in 2014


30 May 2018

The awards were given at a ceremony presided by the Minister of Employment and Social Security, Fátima Báñez. The awards were attended by the Honorary President Her Majesty Queen Sofía

Dr. Oriol Mitjà, Dr. Bonaventura Clotet, the Ilumináfrica Foundation and the company Sphera Overall Health Care were recognised for their solidarity in the scope of health and well-being and their commitment towards accomplishing a better world through the 5th DKV Medicine and Solidarity Awards, which this year has enjoyed the attendance of the Honorary President Her Majesty Queen Sofía.

Dr. Oriol Mitjà won the category DKV Award to Humanitarian Doctors, in recognition of the valuable work carried out by healthcare volunteers, for his dedication to eradicating yaws. 

Dr. Bonaventura Clotet was awarded the DKV Career Award, which acknowledges the longstanding dedication of professionals or groups of professionals, especially those involved in social projects related to medicine and healthcare. Dr. Clotet has dedicated more than 35 years to the search of a cure for HIV infection and to eliminate the stigma associated with AIDS, with a view to improving the quality of life infected people and obtaining resources for research.

The Ilumináfrica Foundation through its “Luz a sus ojos - telemedicina en Chad” project and thanks to the work of its members, led by Dr Enrique Mingue Muro -the foundation's chairman-, was the worthy winner of the DKV Professional Award, which supports performance excellence from health professionals and DVK Seguros hospitals. 

The Award to Innovation in Digital Health, which recognises projects that focus on innovation in e-Health in the social arena, has been given to Sphera Global Health Care for its research project "The impact of telemedicine in community healthcare centres in rural areas of Rwanda." 

A Second Prize was awarded in the Career category to Dr. María Luisa Manrique Revilla for her 21 years of voluntary work in the healthcare training of professionals, young people and women in Mozambique; for her efforts in raising aid to improve the state of health and education of children in this country; and for raising awareness towards these needs in our environment.