Emergency services in the practitioner's office

How to send a DKV insured person to casualty


DKV clients have several emergency centres and an ambulance service at their disposal. In the event of sudden medical emergencies in the physician's office and, after administrating first aid and stabilising the patient, an emergency service and an ambulance service may be required.

In these cases, the procedure is to call the DKV emergency coordination centre on 902 499 799. The coordinating doctor can mobilize an ambulance and indicate which DKV casualty department is most suitable for the medical situation and closest to the surgery. Remember that MUFACE policyholders only have cover for public casualty departments if they are expressly sent there by the DKV coordinating centre or present with a life-threatening emergency.

Procedure to be followed by the surgery for DKV insured persons in the event of an emergency

  1. Attend to the patient and make sure they are in a stable condition.
  2. Call the DKV emergency coordination centre on 902 499 799.
  3. The coordinating doctor will indicate what casualty department the individual should be sent to and will mobilize an ambulance.