Do you want to offer your patients the online appointment booking service?

We provide you with everything you need. Easy and secure appointments without the need for intermediaries.


In recent years, DKV has successfully developed a digital transformation strategy based on:

  • Putting the patient first
  • Designing an ecosystem to link the different entities around the patient
  • Facilitating patient management

A result of this transformation is the creation of the Online Appointment Booking Services (COLE).

COLE is an online appointment booking service for healthcare professionals in our medical directory with a dual purpose:

  • Offers our clients the option to go online to find out about the availability of the physicians from our medical directory and provides them with an easy way to book an appointment.
  • Offers the physicians in our medical directory the option to make their availability visible in order to optimise the time spent with patients.

The project has also been implemented as a response to the needs of society, which increasingly demands solutions that can be used to perform these types of procedures automatically and without the need for intermediaries, as the user can access the physician's schedule directly from their mobile phone, tablet or computer.

It is an open platform that can be accessed from the website or app that insured persons can use to manage their appointments within the extensive DKV medical directory so they can choose from among the best specialists that have subscribed to the online appointments service.

Insured persons can access Online Appointments via:

The aim of this project is to enable insured persons to book appointments using the medical directory (via the website or app) for all specialist services. It also seeks to reduce the amount of administrative work physicians need to do, as all the centres have their own schedules that are not managed centrally. DKV also supplies the service provider with a software package that is already connected to the online appointments system (schedule management) free of charge.

We know that the physicians within our medical directory work with a variety of software packages, which is why we offer a range of options so you can subscribe to DKV's online appointments system. Solutions include systems integration, use of our software (free) and use of third party software (free). The most popular solution is the second one, due to its versatility and the fact that it is free. DKV makes it easy for you by giving you a software package and customised training for your centre free of charge.

We visited 18 provinces during the first half of the year, gathering together more than 200 centres in face-to-face meetings in which we explained the advantages of online appointments first-hand. Many of them are now active on the DKV online appointments system, while others are in the process of accessing the system. Furthermore, the vast majority of our Health Spaces are also active on COLE.

If you would like more information or would like to participate in the project, please write to with your contact details and we will contact you.