Practitioners change their coats for a jersey

10th Spanish Cycling Competition for Doctors


As an example of health and well-being, DKV has been part of the 10th Spanish Cycling Competition for Doctors in Malaga this weekend. The company was one of the main sponsors.

The Association of Practitioners of Málaga and the Commálaga Foundation organised this event on Saturday, 27 October, the main purpose of which is to get the doctors to change their normal role of advising patients to doing physical exercise. As a result, we were able to gather all the practitioners in Spain who enjoy cycling and provide them the opportunity to become cyclists for a day and motivators of healthy lifestyles. DKV participated in this initiative by sponsoring the event, thus reinforcing the relationship with one of its main groups of interest: doctors. 

The race started at 10.30am with a total of 153 participants that covered 68 kilometres from the offices of the Association of Practitioners to the municipality of Rincón de la Victoria.  

The team category was won by the Association of Practitioners of Granada. They were followed by the Associations of Practitioners of Valencia and Gipuzkoa. In the general classification Justo Fernández, from Granada, and Izarbe Jiménez, from Navarra, obtained won in the male and female categories, respectively. 

Pedro Navarro, the organiser of this 10th Spanish Cycling Competition for Doctors, was extremely satisfied with the results: "the race has been spectacular. The weather was great and a lot of people registered for the event. We are very happy”, he explains. 

“Cycling is a combination of physical strength, tolerance, sacrifice, team work, leadership, skill and tactical intelligence, all of which is only achievable with great effort and a capacity for self-improvement. It is a real school of values", he pointed out. 

The race was sponsored by DKV, which for the first time has been involved in an event solely focusing on doctors. 

“We start by sponsoring an event specifically dedicated to medical professionals. A fact that makes us especially happy, as we share a same objective: the care of people's health. ”Events like this one help us promote a healthier lifestyle among healthcare workers, our most important collaborators”, explains Dr. Francisco J. Juan, Director General of Health at DKV Seguros. 

The City Council of Málaga, the Provincial Council, the Regional Government of Andalusia, the Unicaja Foundation and the AMA also sponsored the race together with DKV.