New for 2018

We like you to take care of your health


Digital health

At DKV, we are promoting Digital Health. As a result, new for 2018 is the Quiero cuidarme app, a free self-care tool with which users can calculate their healthy life index and find advice on how to improve it.

Our Digital Doctor app also checks symptoms relating to any type of health problem and offers information on possible causes, and also offers you a confidential consultation with a doctor.

The new services for 2018 does not finish here: We are experts in health care

  • Non-invasive foetal pulmonary maturity test during pregnancy.  
  • Therapy with platelet-rich plasma or platelet-rich growth factor (PRGF) in joint replacement surgery (arthroplasty) and in the surgical treatment of non-consolidated fractures (pseudoarthrosis).
  • Outpatient neurological rehabilitation in severe acquired brain injury
  • Programme for the early diagnosis of diabetes. 
  • Programme for the early diagnosis of glaucoma. 
  • Reimbursement of annual maintenance expenses for the conservation of stem cells from umbilical cord and special prices for the extraction of the umbilical cord and its cryopreservation 

News 2018 in cover and services

  • Increase to 40 sessions of psychotherapy for cases of bullying and gender-based or domestic violence.
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. 
  • Support service for people living alone or dependent people during hospitalisation. 
  • Postpartum care at home. 
  • Network of retirement homes for senior citizens.

Customer experience

Manage your insurance wherever you are and at any time

Manage your insurance from your customer area and the DKV Seguros Médicos app. If you have taken out a reimbursement-type insurance, you can submit your invoices by means of a simple photograph via the DKV Reembolso app.

Online appointments at our DKV Healthcare Centres

You can request a medical appointment online in our DKV Healthcare Centres through our website's medical directory, your customer area or the app.

We have heard what you say. No more 902 numbers

We provide you with local helplines so you don't have to call 902 numbers and bear an additional cost.

  • Customer service and authorisations: 976 506 000
  • 24-hour Assistance / 24-hour DKV Practitioner / Medical helplines: 976 991 199 | 902 499 799
  • Psycho-emotional helpline: 976 991 197 | 902 499 001
  • DKV Health and Well-being Club: 976 506 010 | 902 499 150
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