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DKV Integral family members' special

Medical directory medical insurance

From 39 EUR/month

  • No contribution
  • Dental service included

Find your closest practitioner or medical centre

With more than 29,000 professionals and 1,000 medical centres.

We have the one that is best suited to your needs

With free treatments and others at a discount

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If you are a member of a mutual insurance company

We take care of you and your family

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DKV Integralia Foundation

For the occupational integration of people with functional disabilities.

Want to know more about DKV Integral medical directory insurance? I like taking care of myself

Enjoy the most comprehensive health insurance with a medical directory and the best healthcare assistance. You decide which doctor or hospital in our network you want to visit.

  • Primary care and emergencies
  • All specialities and diagnostic procedures.
  • Hospitalisation and surgery
  • No hospitalisation limits (except psychiatry)
  • DKV private medical directory
  • Daily compensation for time spent in hospital
  • Worldwide emergency travel assistance
  • Psychology
  • Optional module of reimbursement for gynaecology and paediatrics
  • Option to take out without contributions (Élite modality)
  • Dental service included
  • The widest range of medical helplines: paediatric health, women's health, sports, nutrition
  • Medical care in accidents
  • Preventive medicine programmes
  • Discounts in DKV Health and Wellbeing Club

For further information on our insurance policies or if you have any queries, contact us on:

  • It can be taken out up to the age of 75 years.
  • You will get a 7% discount for annual payment.
  • Discounts for families:
    • 7% if there are four insured parties.
    • 12% if there are five or more insured parties.
  • Policy non-cancellation pledge from the third year.

Press office

93 214 00 78

If you are a broker

902 499 200

Other matters

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Because we are a socially responsible company, committed to protecting the environment and supporting social causes and, with our insurance cover and services, we work to build a healthier world.

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Experts in health and prevention

We give you what you need for all-round wellbeing.

We promote the digitisation of healthcare

To make it easier for you to look after yourself.

Committed to the health of society

We contribute to its improvement responsibly.

DKV Integralia Foundation

For the occupational integration of people with functional diversity.