An open and sustainable building

The DKV Tower has been rehabilitated using stringent sustainability criteria

The new offices combine premium materials with the highest environmental standards, achieving a comfortable environment, inviting and with excellent features, completely eco-friendly and suitable to its surroundings.


The renovation of the building and the implementation project was designed based on parameters of sustainability and energy efficiency, and all wood used, including furnishings, is certified with the FSC label.


Water consumption is regulated using sensor-controlled taps. The tanks have a capacity of 4 litres instead of 8, waterless urinals, showers with aerators and diffusers, among other features.

Electrical consumption

A lighting management system has been installed; it allows self-regulation based on the entry of natural light and on motion detectors placed in the workplace.


Biomass-fuelled boilers use pellets from a regional source, and provide CO2 emission-free heating - the emissions produced will have already been offset at source.

Solar filters were installed on the facade, and these will improve consumption, since this system reduces the internal temperature about 4 ° C and increases the comfort of the people working near the facade.

A management system will control the temperature and flow of each of the different spaces.

Air quality

Spaces are designed so that air quality in offices is at the highest levels and clean air is obtained. To do this, active polarisation was used. Gas filters which treat the air from outside to inside, and photocatalysis to remove impurities have been installed.

Similarly, the various spaces are provided with CO2 level monitoring that will ensure maximum comfort and efficiency, along with a humidification system that injects directly into the conduits and which will maintain a relative humidity of 50% inside the building.

The building's vegetation comprises three floors that make it possible to"manufacture" clean air inside the office (Dypsis lutescens: Areca palm; Sansevieria trifasciata: snake plant or mother-in-law's tongue; Epipremnum aureum: potus). Data Processing Centre (CPD)

The new CPD

is located in a bunker that can withstand temperatures of 1,600 ° C for one hour. The high energy efficiency is achieved with new servers that consume little power and an innovative cooling system that uses " free cooling ", technology, which uses cold air from the outside, and because the entire room isn't cooled; just each server individually, and on demand.

Other aspects

As well as using sustainably sourced materials in both the construction and the facilities (furniture, screens, etc.) the building has been designed based on universal accessibility and sustainable mobility criteria (through initiatives such as bike parking for employees).

The renovation has also been a CeroCO2 reform in which the company has compensated the emission of greenhouse gases generated by the works.

Mobility Torre DKV helps reduce pollution from car use by encouraging people to use less polluting modes of transport.

Bike stands in the car park and showers on the same floor. Parking spaces reserved for car-poolers. Messages to encourage the use of stairs.


The certifications accrediting these goals are a challenge in themselves, and have led to reflection on understanding sustainability at DKV Seguros:

  • LEED Gold (Commercial Interior)
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental management)
  • EMAS (Environmental management) ISO 50001 (Energy efficiency)
  • ISO 21542 (Universal accessibility)
  • Zero CO2 for the reform project
  • SGE21 (Ethics project management)
  • Energy Class A