DKV Accidentes accident insurance

Secure your and your family's peace of mind with accident insurance

DKV Accidentes

We have a customised plan

  • Free health services such as our 24-hour medical line and refractive laser surgery.
  • Complete your insurance



Significant compensation capital.

Basic guarantees

Compensation for accidental death and total permanent incapacity due to an accident.

24-hour helpline

With reliable doctors answering your queries.

Discounts on medical services

Smoking cessation, assisted reproduction, etc.

Want to know more about what DKV Accidentes offers? Secure your and your family's peace of mind

Don't worry - we'll help you and your family. Because in the event of an accident, you'll be entitled to compensation to cover any unforeseen expenses.

  • Compensation for accidental death.
  • Compensation for total or partial permanent disability.
  • 24-hour helpline +34 902 499 499: to request information, authorisations, or suggestions, etc.
  • Option for private healthcare coverage in the event of an accident.
  • Medical services at special prices:
    • 24-hour medical line: 902 499 799
    • Refractive laser surgery
    • Assisted reproduction
    • Second medical opinion
    • Quit smoking

And add whatever you like:

  • Medical care: at non-associated centres to a maximum of 1,800 euros
  • Daily compensation for hospitalisation:
  • Daily compensation for temporary disability.
  • Death benefit following a heart attack in a work-related accident.
  • Additional sums for cases of permanent disability or death following a traffic accident.

Do you want us to call you?

You'll be given all the information you need, with no obligation on your behalf

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Because we are a socially responsible company, committed to protecting the environment and supporting social causes and, with our insurance cover and services, we work to build a healthier world.

Further information

Experts in health and prevention

We give you what you need for all-round wellbeing.

We promote the digitisation of healthcare

To make it easier for you to look after yourself.

Committed to society and the planet

We contribute to its improvement responsibly.

DKV Integralia Foundation

For the occupational integration of people with functional diversity.