Funeral insurance that makes the difference

  • Online will
  • Legal advice and management services
  • Free for children under 4 years old
  • Erasure of digital identity
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    Our funeral insurance is adapted to your needs


    "I don't want my loved ones to have to worry about anything"

    • Erasure of digital identity
    • Online will
    • Personalised family care
    • Management and advisory services

    "I am looking for an insurance policy suited to my family's needs"

    • Free for children under 4 years old
    • Family assistance service
    • Personalised psychological care
    • Online will
    DKV Decesos 3

    "I need an insurance policy to take care of me and my loved ones"

    • Repatriation of foreign residents
    • Worldwide assistance
    • Legal advice
    • Erasure of digital identity
    An insurance plan that's there for you when you need it, guaranteed by the leading health insurance provider in Europe
    Cover and services

    Want to know more about DKV Protección Familiar funeral insurance?

    With DKV Protección Familiar, your family will have all the help it needs at this difficult time. We offer one of the best funeral services on the market with a wide range of coverage and services.

    Why choose DKV Protección Familiar?

    Free for children

    Children up to 4 years of age are included provided the insurance is taken out with an adult.

    With no grace period

    You can start to use the insurance immediately.

    Family assistance

    Professional manager that will accompany you at all times.

    Bereavement assistance

    Professional support during the process. Up to 3 face-to-face sessions and 24-hour telephone assistance.

    Legal service

    A lawyer at your disposal for legal and inheritance matters.

    Management services

    Processing and obtaining of certificates, pensions and official documents.

    Basic coverage

    Basic worldwide assistance

    Medical transfer or repatriation due to an illness or accident, early return due to the death of a relative or a serious accident, and up to €18,000 in medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, and hospitalisation expenses abroad.

    Repatriation of foreign residents

    We will take care of repatriating the deceased to the country of origin and organise a return trip for a companion.

    Erasure of digital identity

    Management of emails, social networks, blogs and files in the cloud.

    Online will

    Your last testament in just a click.

    Access here and now to the Online will tool offered by DKV.

    Transfer to any cemetery in the country

    Preparation and transfer of the coffin to any Spanish town.

    Our clients' experiences motivate us to improve day by day.

    Optional coverage

    Complete your insurance plan with our wide range of additional services

    You can complete your insurance plan by taking out additional services. Additional coverage can only be taken out over the phone (not online).

    Accident coverage

    Up to €60,000 to cover any accident that causes death or permanent disability.

    Complementary worldwide assistance

    Repatriation to Spain from anywhere in the world in the event of death during a trip or stays of more than 60 days.


     Your funeral with the minimum impact on the environment.

    Discounts on health and wellness services

    Dentistry, paediatrics, gynaecology, podiatry, and many other medical specialities with significant savings.


    Daily compensation of up to €30 for each day of hospitalisation (up to 365 days).

    Pet assistance

    Health care and expenses if your pet dies.

    Shall we call you?
    Shall we call you?
    Peace of mind for you and your loved ones doesn't have to cost a lot
    Peace of mind for you and your loved ones doesn't have to cost a lot

    Enter and calculate the price of your funeral insurance with no strings attached.

    Everything about DKV Protección Familiar

    Why choose DKV Protección Familiar? Conditions, prices of services and documentation.

    Why choose DKV Protección Familiar?

    • Comprehensive funeral insurance for you and your loved ones.
    • Worldwide assistance, wherever you are.
    • We look after your loved ones at this difficult time.
    • Psychological and legal assistance for your family members.
    • Repatriation of foreign residents.

    Conditions and prices of the services

    • Free for children up to four years old.
    • No age limit for taking out the insurance.
    • All funeral services included.
    • Coverage of extra expenses.
    • Significant discounts on Health and Wellbeing Club services.

    DKV Protección Familiar documentation