A death insurance that supports your family at all times

  • Psychological support in palliative care and bereavement assistance
  • One of the best funeral services, with a transfer and repatriation service
  • First funeral planning service, online will and elimination of digital identity
  • Additional services so you can configure the policy to suit your needs
  • Free for children under 4 years old!
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    Our funeral insurance is adapted to your needs

    death insurance

    "The emotional wellbeing of your family will be our priority"

    • A single manager will personally take care of the procedures.
    • In-person psychological assistance specialized in mourning.
    • Free 24-hour psychological assistance telephone number, also in palliative processes.
    death insurance

    "We want you to take advantage of your policy from the first day"

    • Travel in peace with worldwide travel assistance of up to €18,000.
    • Write your will online with just one click and enjoy legal advice.
    • Possibility of obtaining healthcare and wellbeing discounts.
    Death insurance DKV Protección Familiar

     "And also..."

    • Free for children under 4 years old.
    • Erasure of digital identity.
    • Repatriation of foreign residents.
    • No waiting periods!
    An insurance plan that's there for you when you need it, guaranteed by the leading health insurance provider in Europe
    Cover and services

    Want to know more about DKV Protección Familiar funeral insurance?

    With DKV Protección Familiar death insurance, your family will receive all the help they need in difficult times.

    We offer one of the best funeral services on the market. You can also benefit from interesting and helpful services and cover, not offered by other companies, from the very first day.

    The right funeral insurance for you

    Family assistance

    Everything starts with a simple phone call, at any time of the day. A professional adviser will go to wherever your family is located and provide a completely personalised service to accompany them throughout the entire process.

    Legal service

    Unexpected doubts often arise in situations like these, some of which are related to legal matters. For this reason, DKV offers a helpline, where we can give you advice, information and support about any concern or question.

    Psychological assistance

    Following a difficult time like this, what's most important is trying to cope with the loss of your loved one. With this in mind, your family will receive help from a psychologist during and after the process.

    Online Will

    Forethought is always important. You can write your will at any time from home using the Online Will tool. Access here

    Erasure of digital identity

    We will manage your digital end-of-life by erasing content on social media, cloud files and emails.

    Free for children

    Children up to 4 years of age are included provided the insurance is taken out with an adult.

    With no grace period

    You can start to use the insurance immediately.


    Funeral service benefit.

    Adapted to local traditions and customs, so you can choose the ideal service for you.

    Transfer to any cemetery in the country.

    We will take care of preparing and transferring the coffin to any Spanish town or city.

    Repatriation of foreign residents

    If the larger part of your family lives in your home country, we will arrange for the repatriation of the deceased and pay for a return trip of a companion.

    Worldwide travel assistance

    Did you know that with your DKV death insurance you are also covered when you travel abroad with up to 18,000 euros for medical expenses in the event of an emergency?

    Optional coverage, sign up by phone

    Exceptional burial expenses, complementary global assistance, hospitalisation coverage, compensation for death or permanent disability caused by an accident, pet care, access to health services at reduced prices, and much more...

    And, once you have taken out the insurance, you can add any optional coverage you need.

    Our clients' experiences motivate us to improve day by day.

    Optional cover

    Complete your death insurance with our wide range of additional services

    You can complete your insurance plan by taking out additional services. Additional coverage can only be taken out over the phone (not online).

    Accident coverage

    In the event of any type of accident resulting in death or permanent disability, we will offer you a payment of between 600 and 60,000 euros.

    Complementary worldwide assistance

    Includes repatriation in the event of death abroad, for stays of longer than 60 days (including expatriate family members)

    Ecofuneral, the first ecological death insurance

    With DKV Ecofuneral, you can choose the green burial modality to reduce the environmental impact of your final footprint.

    Discounts on health and wellness services

    Dentistry, paediatrics, gynaecology, podiatry, and many other medical specialities with significant savings.


    Up to 30 euros per day in the event of hospitalisation for any reason.

    Pet assistance

    We know how important your pet is. That's why we are offering you the option of insuring your pet's burial service (euthanasia and incineration expenses), which also includes a free phone information and advice service about dogs and cats.

    Shall we call you?
    Shall we call you?
    Peace of mind for you and your loved ones doesn't have to cost a lot
    Peace of mind for you and your loved ones doesn't have to cost a lot

    Enter and calculate the price of your funeral insurance with no strings attached.

    Everything about DKV Protección Familiar

    Why choose DKV Protección Familiar? Conditions, prices of services and documentation.

    Why choose DKV Protección Familiar?

    • Comprehensive funeral insurance for you and your loved ones.
    • Worldwide assistance, wherever you are.
    • We look after your loved ones at this difficult time.
    • Psychological and legal assistance for your family members.
    • Repatriation of foreign residents.

    Conditions and prices of the services

    • Free for children up to four years old.
    • No age limit for taking out the insurance.
    • All funeral services included.
    • Coverage of extra expenses.
    • Significant discounts on Health and Wellbeing Club services.

    DKV Protección Familiar documentation

    Information on DKV Protección Familiar Insurance:

    • Commercial brochure: Find out all about what your funeral insurance offers: cover and additional services.
    • Terms and conditions of the contract: The aim of this document is to give a clear and simple response to some of the aspects included in the insurance.
    • Insurance information: Standard document with summarised information that will help you compare with other companies' insurance policies.
    • See funeral homes: Información con los datos de contacto de todas las funerarias.

    Do you still have any questions? We will answer them with some FAQs:

    What is funeral insurance?

    Funeral insurance guarantees a funeral service on the decease of an insured person, as well as the management of all necessary procedures in the event of death: administrative and legal procedures, transfers to any place in Spain and international repatriations.

    DKV Protección Familiar also offers either in-person or telephone consultations with a psychologist, who will help family members cope with their loss, as well as other healthcare services.

    If I die while I am abroad, will the funeral insurance cover my transfer?

    If you are a foreigner and reside in Spain, DKV Protección Familiar includes the repatriation service to your home country, a round trip for a companion and other important advantages. We are the only ones to include it without any extra cost in the funeral policy!

    Do I have medical assistance abroad?

    Did you know that with your DKV funeral policy, you are also covered when you travel abroad, with up to 18,000 euros for medical expenses in the event of an emergency? We make the difference with the limit.

    Am I insured for life with a funeral insurance?

    All of our funeral insurance policies are life-long. This means that once a funeral insurance policy is taken out, it is valid for the insured person's whole life unless the policyholder cancels the insurance or stops paying the premium.

    Which funeral home will provide the contracted service?

    We have a wide national network of authorised funeral service providers, so you won't have to worry about the management and provision of the service. See here: https://docs-eng.dkvseguros.com/pdf/uploads/Funerarias-DKV-18.pdf

    Can I take out the insurance policy online?

    Fast and simple! Take out DKV Protección Familiar 100% online through our website; it will only take 5 minutes:

    1. Calculate your price without any strings attached.
    2. Fill in your personal details and those of who you want to insure.
    3. Confirm your details: check that all your details are correct.
    4. Make the payment.
    5. We will give you your insurance number and send you a confirmation email so that you can enjoy all the advantages offered by the funeral insurance DKV Protección Familiar from day one.
    We also offer you a service to help you take out the insurance online; call 876 140 054 free of charge, and we will answer any query.