DKV EcoHogar Home Insurance

The first eco-friendly home insurance policy

DKV EcoHogar

The first eco-friendly home insurance policy

  • Ecological and prevention services
  • Choose your modality

From 61 euros/year


24 hour Home assistance

976 991 198

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Handyman service

Home help for repair and installation work

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Ecological services - EcoHogar

For a greener, efficient, and safer home.

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DKV Health and Well-being Club

With advantages and discounts on medical services.

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Would you like discover the benefits of DKV EcoHogar home insurance? I take care of my home, I take care of my surroundings

With DKV EcoHogar home insurance, in addition to having the best coverage, you will look after your home while also caring for the environment. We offer a wide range of solutions and safeguards to protect your home. Depending on the level of coverage you need. Choose from different modalities: Plus, Complet, Basic, and Incendios.

  • The best coverage: fire, explosion, electrical damages, rain, wind, snow, water damage, etc.
  • Damages to property from theft and burglary.
  • Up to 20% no-claims bonus.
  • Civil liability and extensive legal protection.
  • Discount on your second property, if your main home is insured with us.
  • Benefit from a wide range of services to make your life easier, including unique ecological services.
  • 24-hour home assistance: with well-qualified staff to help with any breakdown, installation, or home improvement.
  • Are you one of those people who doesn't know where to start when it comes to putting up curtains? We have the handyman service for you! It's free and offers you professional assistance for a wide range of domestic tasks.
  • Household appliance repair service: We have increased the workmanship warranty to 7 years.
  • IT support: need help with new technologies? an expert will advise you.
  • 24-hour psychological telephone assistance.
  • Damage to the home due to burglary, without insuring the building.

We adapt to what you really need:

  • Plus modality: latest generation insurance with the most extensive guarantees and coverage limits.
  • Complet modality: the best response to the most common risks and unforeseen events
  • Basic modality: covers the most significant risks at an affordable price.
  • Fire Category

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Because we are a socially responsible company, committed to protecting the environment and supporting social causes and, with our insurance cover and services, we work to build a healthier world.

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Experts in health and prevention

We give you what you need for all-round wellbeing.

We promote the digitisation of healthcare

To make it easier for you to look after yourself.

Committed to society and the planet

We contribute to its improvement responsibly.

DKV Integralia Foundation

For the occupational integration of people with functional diversity.