Guaranteed price

The cost of your individual insurance premium will not increase based on the use you make of it


What is the guaranteed price?

DKV guarantees the cost of your individual modality insurance premium will not increase based on the use you make of it. Specifically, the cost will not go up even if you have visited the doctor or have been hospitalized.

Why does my insurance go up if I have a guaranteed price?

DKV guarantees that there will be no increase in the cost of premiums for using the health insurance in the individual modality. However, the cost of premiums is updated every year based on the increase in medical costs and new technologies (CPI for Medical Care), and also due to the numerous improvements in insurance cover that we include every year. In addition, age ranges are applied to health insurance premiums and there may be variations when changing a range. This video will tell you everything you need to know

How is an insurance premium calculated?

The cost of an insurance premium depends on personal factors, such as age or area of residence, and also the type of cover or co-payments you want to sign up for.

Where does the money I pay for my insurance go?

The money you pay for your insurance goes to pay practitioners and hospitals (80%), employees (5%), taxes... and also investments. See more details in this picture: