Burial insurance

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1. Am I insured for life?

All of our burial insurance policies are life-long. This means that once a burial insurance policy is taken out, it is valid for the insured person's whole life unless the policyholder cancels the insurance.

2. Should I include myself in the insurance policy?

It is advisable, however, the insurance can be taken out as the policyholder without being the insured person. This enables you to take out burial insurance for your family without needing to be included in the policy.

3. What will be my insured capital? The capital allocated for covering the funeral service is established based on the cost of the funeral in the town of residence. You can consult your capital in the specific terms and conditions of your policy. For the service guarantee to stay constantly up to date, the insured capital will be automatically reassessed every year in accordance with the specific terms and conditions of your policy.

4. Which funeral home will provide the contracted service?

Based on the place of death, the chosen funeral home, or the place of burial, we will activate the funeral service that best suits the needs and wishes of the insured family. We have a national network of authorised funeral service providers so that you don't have to worry about management or provision of the service.