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Specialised care

Civil servants have specialised healthcare guaranteed though the Agreements entered with the Public Health System and Healthcare Insurance Companies

MUFACE facilitates the provision of healthcare to mutual society members and its beneficiaries through the Agreements entered with the Public Health System and Healthcare Insurance Companies. Specialised care is included within the healthcare provided.
The right of receiving healthcare from the entity starts on the date that the beneficiary is adhered to it to receive MUFACE Services, and there are no periods of grace for any type of assistance

We will address the following aspects:

Specialised care. Definition

According to the Text of the Agreement entered by MUFACE with Healthcare Insurance Companies for 2018-2019, article 2.3.1 establishes that the specialised care set in the Agreement Services Portfolio includes assistance, diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitation and palliative healthcare services, as well as any prevention services that require the intervention of specialist practitioners.

The Specialised Care comprises:

  • Specialised care in consultations
  • Specialised medical or surgical care in a day hospital
  • Hospitalisation
  • Domiciliary hospitalisation
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

Specifications of the Specialised care

Article 2.3.2 includes the specifications of the Specialised Care Services Portfolio

  • As regards Mental health, it specifies that “It covers the clinical diagnosis and follow-up of mental disorders, including pharmacological treatment and individual, group or family psychotherapy. Mental healthcare shall be provided in a hospital after admission, outpatient consultations and emergencies, guaranteeing in all cases the necessary continuous care.”
  • With respect to plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, the entity shall provide the plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery when it is related to an accident, illness or congenital abnormality.
  • As regards infertility diagnosis and treatment, assisted reproduction treatments have the purpose of helping in the gestation of people that cannot achieve it naturally, are not susceptible to exclusively pharmacological treatments or after failure. These procedures can also be accessed to avoid illnesses or severe genetic disorders in the offspring and when an embryo is required with identical immunological characteristics to those of a sibling suffering a severe pathological process affection of a serious disease process that is not susceptible to another treatment, in accordance with the current regulations.

Access to specialised care

To access specialised care at a practitioner's consultation, the mutual society member may directly visit any specialist practitioner included in the Catalogue of Providers to which he is adhered, and when receiving the care, he must present the Entity's Medical Card.

To receive specialised care in a hospital after admission, in addition to the specialist practitioner's indication, the Entities prior authorisation will be required.

Mutual society members can check in "Provisions that require authorisation" the diagnostic procedures and medical and surgical treatments that require prior authorisation from the Entity.

The rest of the healthcare benefits to which MUFACE members have access are as follows:

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