DKV Seguros and Sara Escudero take the web series 'Irse de madre' to the theatre

In 'Hoy nos vamos de madre' the monologist will recount anecdotes about her experiences during filming and some received through a competition on Facebook

DKV Seguros and Sara Escudero take the web series "Irse de madre" to the theatre in June this year. The actress and presenter joined real families to show the funny side of situations and challenges that take place in households with children: breastfeeding, changing nappies, a day at the park or the beach, visiting the pediatrician, living with grandparents, etc.

Now on at the theatre is Hoy nos vamos de madre”, where the monologist will recount anecdotes about her experiences during the filming of the series, and some others from mothers and fathers sent via social networks.

This mini tour starts today, 8 November, in the Teatro Alfil in Madrid; it will be in Barcelona on 15 November in La Villarroell; and it will finish on 22 November in Zaragoza, at Teatro de las Esquinas. DKV has invited representatives from its different interest groups (clients, employees, healthcare workers and suppliers), as well as fans of the actor.

The idea behind this initiative by DKV, designed mainly for the digital environment, was to connect with women and mothers by offering fresh, useful and interesting content on the topic of family life, maternity and paternity in the twenty-first century.

As well as the weekly episodes on the web platform,, there is also additional quality content distributed in different sections: from exclusive content from well-known bloggers in the section “Irse de bloggers” to the illustrations of Monstruo Espagueti on maternity, the family and the work-life balance. You will also find further information on specific services and coverage for maternity and families offered by DKV in its insurance portfolio.

The project has been shown on a specific channel on Youtube and a Facebook fan page, as well as on TV (Group A3 broadcast several episodes of the series on La Sexta, in the mornings and at weekends, as well as announcements for the show; and in the programme Cazamariposas broadcast on Divinity. It was also shown on Telecinco as an interlude during the programme Hable con Ellas) and at the
cinema, with a 30” piece exclusively developed exclusively for the family pictures Dory, Ice Age 5 and Malas Madres.