DKV promotes sport among practitioners through the 10th edition of the Spanish Cycling Competition for Doctors

The championship is organised by the Association of Practitioners of Málaga and the Commálaga Foundation, and it is sponsored by DKV

DKV likes promoting health among Spanish practitioners and, therefore, will sponsor the 10th Spanish Cycling Competition for Doctors this year, which will take place on 27 October in Málaga. The aim of this event is to provide all practitioners in Spain who enjoy cycling a unique opportunity for them to become not only athletes, but also motivators of healthy lifestyles. Thanks to this activity, organised by the Association of Practitioners of Málaga and the Commálaga Foundation, the doctors change their normal role of advising patients to doing physical exercise. The organisation expects a participation of approximately 200 doctors, who will start at 10.00am from the offices of the Association of Practitioners and cover almost 48 miles.

DKV's commitment with society goes well beyond taking care of its customers. The insurance company is investing great effort in achieving a healthier world, and the first step towards this aim is to promote healthy habits among people. To this end, the insurance company created the DKV of the Healthy Life Institute, through which it disseminates different aspects of health and how to prevent illnesses. The company is a reference in sponsoring sports events as part of its commitment towards an efficient way of spreading healthy lifestyles and values such as work, effort and taking care of health.

“We start by sponsoring an event specifically dedicated to medical professionals. A fact that makes us especially happy, as we share a same objective: the care of people's health”, explains Dr. Francisco J. Juan, Director General of Health at DKV Seguros. ”Events like this one help us promote a healthier lifestyle among healthcare workers, our most important collaborators”, adds.

DKV has been involved in initiatives of interest for doctors for some time. An example of this are the DKV Medicine and Solidarity Awards, which are already a reference in the sector, and the €185,000 awarded in prizes in five years highlight the involvement of practitioners and the healthcare industry in charitable actions.

DKV Seguros believes that companies have a responsibility to society and the company is thus committed to sustainable development. The company argues that the need to monetise, through good products and good service, is compatible with the pursuit of social and environmental benefits.