Antonio Vila, new territorial director for Andalucía-Murcia

Antonio Vila, current director of DKV branches in Cádiz, will take on the position of Territorial Director of Andalucía-Murcia.

Vila (San Fernando, 1970) came to DKV in 2001 as the portfolio manager for Jerez. Just a few months later, in August of the same year, he took on the same functions for the whole province. He then went on to take the position of commercial director of Western Andalucía in 2003, and commercial director of the Previsión channel for the whole autonomous community in 2004. In 2007, he was promoted to director of DKV Seguros branches in Cádiz.

From that moment, Vila began an important task to disseminate the DKV image and brand across the province, committed to sports sponsorship and social action as differentiating elements. As a result of this activity, in 2013 he also became the national director of Corporate Development for the DKV Fundación Integralia, and a patron and vice chairman of the Fundación Fondos Kati.

He has also been the coordinator of the CSR Department of ATA, the National Federation of Self-Employed Workers, since 2017, manager of the DKV Famedic product since 2016, and chairman of the Fundación Universo Accesible since 2011, which allow him to maintain an important network of contacts in social, institutional and business areas.

Antonio Vila replaces David Olivares, who left the company several weeks ago, and was selected on the basis of the good results coming from the Cádiz branches and his knowledge of the Andalusian market.

"With the appointment of Antonio Vila as territorial director, we are continuing with our policy to promote people who have performed continuous and notable work throughout their professional careers. Specifically, the abilities to develop Antonio's business models are unquestionable, and this characteristic of his is precisely what we are looking for in all hires and promotions within the General Commercial Management Department. The capacity to generate business as a centre, and people totally focused on this as the main method for reaching this goal', explains Pedro Orbe, general director of the Commercial department.

The Andalucía market, in figures

Currently, DKV has 370,000 policy holders across Andalucía and Murcia, which represents a portfolio of almost 100 million euros (currently 99.5m euros), with a market share in the health sector of 7%, and 4% in the funeral sector; the competitors for which, in order of market share, are Adeslas, Anisa and Sanitas, for the former, and Ocaso, Santa Lucía, Mapfre and Preventiva, for the latter. 

In the last few years, the evolution of Territorial Management has shown signs of decelerated growth, which has led to the appointment of Antonio Vila as the new director, with an objective to boost sales and reduce losses, a challenge that Vila takes on 'with excitement'. "Andalucía and Murcia are two large territories where there is plenty to be done. I will try to overcome the challenge set out by the company - to grow profitably - by dedicating all the time necessary, but also by delegating to the magnificent branch managers in the area".