DKV is bringing together representatives from insurance brokers, organisations and professional mediation associations

The aim of the meeting was to delve into management distribution and optimisation strategies, and promote joint plans of action

DKV has organised a meeting to delve into management distribution and optimisation strategies, as well as the promotion of new plans and strategies. The following people attended the meeting, hosted in Madrid by the Advisory Council of the DKV External Network, on behalf of insurance brokers: Javier González, of Sáez de Montagut & Moreno; Humberto Albánez, of Grupo Concentra; Adolfo Ferreiro, of Segurfer XXI; Ignacio de Rojas, of Bureau Brokers; Antonio Muñoz Olaya, of TAT Mediadores and chairman of the Cojebro association, and Fernando Morán, of Segumor. Also at the meeting were Elena Jiménez de Andrade, president of the General Council; Javier Navarro, of ADECOSE, and Alberto Ocarranza, of FECOR.

On behalf of DKV, the meeting was attended by: Javier Vega de Seoane, chairman of the insurance firm; Pedro Orbe, General Sales Manager; Ignacio López, head of Canales Mediados y Territoriales, and Jordi Rubio, head of the External Network.

The Advisory Council of the DKV External Network is a consultative body, outside of the hierarchical organisation chart of the insurance firm, which allows for a fluid and direct relationship between General Management and the management of the channel with representatives of the External Network. The main objective of the Advisory Council is to establish a meeting point for dialogue between mediation and DKV, in search of mutual benefits. For this reason, it organises periodical meetings to discuss topics relevant to the sector, all in a relaxed environment, without formalities and always highly productive. It is a terrific opportunity to debate and analyse the concerns of brokers, and establish a meeting point for dialogue in mediation.

What is the role of the insurance broker in this new, future scenario? What is the position of brokers? What would your dream health insurance company look like? These were some of the questions raised in the meeting. According to Jordi Rubio, head of the External Network, "technology brings new possibilities to relate with customers. In health, the possibilities are huge, both in the post-sale services - tele-consultations - and in the commercial management of the customer. In this context, we need to count on brokers in these new relationship forms, not just including them as participants, but rather giving them a featured role".

Subsequently, there was a debate that covered the most concerning issues among insurance brokers in relation to the company, such as improvement aspects to the management distribution and optimisation strategy, highlighting the issuance of groups, claims management with respect to improving the agility and speed of response, and the offer of premiums in the health sector. Furthermore, connectivity was one of the issues discussed, as well as a general request for assistance and collaboration to provide greater visibility in terms of the customer's relationship with the company.

The debate was very constructive, and the guests appreciated the opportunity provided by DKV in these meetings, where attendees can share their different business models, and therefore find synergies to optimise their distribution processes and benefit from the best practices that they each provide in the Advisory Council. The meeting concluded with a visit to the DKV Fundación Integralia, followed by lunch.

DKV understands how important it is for companies to go beyond making financial profits, and to assume their ethical, social and environmental responsibility through actions aimed at interest groups. As an insurance company, DKV endeavours to create a healthier world in the fields of healthcare, the environment, childhood obesity, the labour integration of people with disabilities, and active ageing.