DKV is hosting the '12 razones para quererte' ('12 reasons to love yourself') exhibit to build awareness around eating disorders

This exhibition forms part of the DKV 'Quiérete Mucho' ('Love Yourself') project, aimed around promoting healthy lifestyle habits

DKV has presented the '12 razones para quererte' ('12 reasons to love yourself') exhibition, consisting in 12 paintings by Aragonese artists that have been given to the A.P.E. Foundation. The aim of the exhibition is to build awareness around the relevance of eating disorders in our society. Esta exposición, podrá visitarse, por primera vez, en la Sala Multiusos de la Torre DKV en Zaragoza (Avda. María Zambrano 31), from 8 November to 8 December.

María Parra, Cristina Guallart, Pilar Faci, Santiago Parra, Miguel Sanz Barnola, Carlos Carnicer Cañada, Conchita de la Cueva, María Galán, Elena Lapeña, Carlota Urgel, Lourdes Llop and Trinidad Serrano Aulló are the artists who have offered their canvases for this exhibition, which also features some very special works: a painting by a group of students from the Agustinos School, in Zaragoza, and a drawing by Arantxa Recio, better known as Harsa, which will be the image of the exhibition. This prestigious illustrator from Zaragoza works on a wide range of creative projects, and her works have appeared in many areas (publications, advertising, posters, book covers, packaging, fashion, design, etc.). She has been published in Spain, Mexico and Argentina, and has also exhibited works in Italy, Austria and Scotland. 

The works that form part of the exhibit highlight the need for tools such as self-esteem, prevention and healthy lifestyle habits when dealing with an eating disorder. In the words of Carlos Peralta, founder and patron of the A.P.E. foundation, this exhibition "will help to build awareness around the severity and concerning rise of eating disorders in today's society. From the A.P.E. Foundation, we look for initiatives like this exhibition, with a social impact, and which help us to convey our message in an innovative way.'

The young writer Beatriz Esteban has also given her support to the exhibition; last year, Esteban published her book entitled 'Seré frágil' ('I'll be fragile'), which relates her difficult personal experience with an eating disorder, anorexia. "Eating disorders are silent, devastating and invisible illnesses, that are affecting more and more people. But it is not an eternal hell, and thanks to organisations like the A.P.E. Foundation, we can build more awareness of the issue and more hope in terms of recovery. Because if exhibitions like this show us anything, it's that we're not alone; that there are people who understand us and who are ready to help us. There is a life beyond an eating disorder. This is the message that all the artwork shows, and which we are also trying to transmit", explains Esteban.

This exhibition forms part of an agreement signed by DKV and the A.P.E. Foundation, with a view to prevent and eradicate eating disorders. This agreement comes under the insurance firm's strategy to promote healthy lifestyle habits, and forms part of DKV's corporate volunteering programme 'Quiérete Mucho' ('Love Yourself'). Through the programme, professionals from DKV and the DKV Fundación Integralia voluntarily contribute to searching the internet to identify and report pages that advocate these types of disorders, and thus help to remove them, in collaboration with the authorities and competent bodies.

Thanks to this agreement, healthy eating habits will also be disseminated among children and teenagers through conferences and others acts organised by DKV, such as debates, school visits, chats etc.

"We think that this exhibition fits perfectly into the 'Quiérete Mucho' project that we are developing with DKV. The main recipients of the messages in the works are school pupils, both children and teenagers, and so it is our intention for this initiative to form part of subsequent programmes aimed at schools and colleges.", explains Peralta.