DKV spares its customers from having to request medical authorisations, allowing professionals to do so automatically

This process, known as Plan Libera, pursues to simplify the use of the medical insurance by progressively eliminating bureaucracy

DKV spares its customers from having to request over 10,000 medical authorisations thanks to a bureaucracy simplification and reduction plan that enables practitioners to request them directly via the website's practitioner portal.

When submitting the request, Plan Libera enables the practitioner to process all the requirements in one time, whether it be for tests, surgery, anaesthesia or hospitalisation, and to receive the authorisation directly. The patient will be informed of the process at all times by email or SMS.

The authorisation is issued directly when requested by the specialist. Only in a few cases the platform requires completing the request with additional information about the patient's pathology. 

The process to reduce the paperwork and simplify the procedure for the customers started its first stage on February, making it available for the simpler medical tests, and it is currently implemented in all DKV branches. To this day, 15% of this year's authorisations have been processed. In a second stage the company will address the more complex matters, although it will not process 100% of the authorisations, because some of them require individual processing.

The process has been used the most in dermatology, with nearly 2,000 spared authorisations; followed by ophthalmology (more than 1,300) and cardiology (more than 1,000). On the other hand, the branches that process the highest number of requests are Barcelona, Valladolid and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The Director General of Health for DKV Seguros, Francisco J. Juan Ruiz, emphasises that the results “have been very satisfactory for the customers” and is grateful for “the willingness of healthcare professionals, without whose collaboration it would have not been possible and which we continue counting on.”

Plan Libera also gives branches more time to carry out the formalities that provide further value to the company and customers, achieving a better experience.

On the occasion of having reached this figure, the centre that processed authorisation number 10,000 -Oftálmica Salud Ocula, in Seville- and that most authorisations requested via this tool -Gabinet d'Especialitats Gema, in Mataró- will be awarded a prize.