DKV adds over 3,000 doctors

To its service for mutual society members


DKV boosts its service by adding 3,035 doctors to its medical directory for mutual society members. This improvement in the directory has been produced most notably in General Medicine (244), Paediatrics (167) and Gynaecology (366). 

This year, as a novelty, mutual society members may change insurance company in June, adding to the usual ordinary change that took place in January. 

With the current medical directory, DKV is not only able to cover the level of demand in the agreement entered with Muface, but it also provides the best medical directory for mutual society members

By means of these incorporations to the directory, DKV confirms its commitment towards the public-private collaboration model, as evidenced by the fact that it has been participating in the management of Marina Alta's health department (Alicante) and providing healthcare to civil servants and voluntary workers (Muface, Mugeju, AECID).

DKV is one of the companies that has been involved since the establishment of MUFACE, and it continues to be one of the 4 companies that provides service to civil servants in a system to which almost one and a half million civil servants opt in Spain, out of which nearly 200,000 have opted for DKV (13.05%).

Besides having access to the best medical directory in the province, DKV is the only insurance company that has seven of the ten best private hospitals in the country, according to Merco's 2017 Health Reputation Ranking, among the offer for mutual society members. 

Other advantages for DKV's mutual society members are the quick access to specialists or diagnostic tests -the average waiting time in the National Health System for a surgical procedure is 115 days and for a specialist 72-; the possibility of choosing the practitioner and the times that best suit each patient, without any waiting lists; and the option of carrying out procedures online and accessing healthcare from a mobile, thanks to applications such as Digital Doctor, Quiero cuidarme or the DKV App.

In addition, mutual society members have a free 24-hour emergency medical line available 365 days a year, which is managed by a team of more than 85 medical specialists in General and Family Medicine, and a wide variety of other medical lines (sport, paediatric, women, 24 hours, nutritional, pregnancy, etc.).
They can also obtain discounts at the DKV Health and Well-being Club, and if a child of theirs requires healthcare abroad due to a serious illness, 80% of the expenses, with a limit of €24,000, will be reimbursed.
In Spain, the DKV Group has presence throughout the country. It has an extensive network of health insurance branches doctor's offices and a staff of almost 2,000 employees who provide service to 2 million customers.