DKV certifies again this year its commitment to the work-life balance and equality with the EFR certificate

The company has received for the third year this certificate that accredits it as a Family-Friendly Company and has obtained a B+ rating

DKV Seguros has again obtained this year its Family-Friendly Company Certificate (FFC). This management model guarantees continuous improvement in the area of work-life balance and diversity and is also an external certification of renowned prestige that provides objectivity and visibility to these internal policies. Now, in 2016, and after a comprehensive audit, the company has achieved a B+ rating.

In order to obtain this certificate, the DKV Group implemented the FFC model and was subject to an audit. This accredited that the management system implemented meets the requirements established in the Family-Friendly Company Model relating to the design, implementation, assessment and constant improvement of practices and policies concerning the work-life balance. The company was subject to a rigorous and comprehensive external audit in order to obtain this quality certificate in work-life balance and equal opportunities.

The FFC certificate, promoted by the Másfamilia Foundation, and with the support of the Ministry of Health and Social Policy, recognises organisations that are involved in the generation of a new work culture, by adding an all-inclusive management system, which allows efficient harmony between work, family and personal spheres, based on mutual commitment, respect and flexibility.

The FFC certificate promotes an improvement in productivity, via a conception of work based on performance and effectiveness regardless of the number of hours worked and the physical presence of the worker; reducing absenteeism and staff turnover and therefore retaining talent, as the workers have a better quality of life and there is a sense of social peace in the company.