DKV Integralia Foundation celebrates 15 years of creating employment and training for 1,500 disabled people

The managing director of DKV Seguros, Josep Santacreu, spent the day with the employees at the El Prat office and answered calls from customers as part of the celebrations to mark the anniversary

The DKV Integralia Foundation celebrates its 15th anniversary. On 9 February 2000, the contact centre in El Prat de Llobregat received its first call from a DKV customer. This was the moment this DKV Seguros project, a contact centre managed by disabled people, became a reality.

Events were held in the DKV Integralia offices throughout Spain to mark the anniversary. The managing director of DKV Seguros, Josep Santacreu, visited the offices in El Prat de Llobregat and spent the day with the employees. He acknowledged the hard work and dedication of the employees over the last 15 years. After toasting to the success of the venture, he took part in a management meeting with the coordinators and regional directors and also answered calls from customers.

The company is also planning other activities to mark the anniversary of the Foundation, such as the inauguration of the Exhibition “Artistes Outsiders”. The exhibition, opening on 13 February at the Integralia offices, will exhibit the work of 10 contemporary artists whose works portray the bridges between intellectual (dis)abilities and art.

Over the past 15 years, the DKV Integralia Foundation has grown and now has seven locations in Spain (El Prat, Madrid, the hospital in Denia, Jerez, Badajoz, Zaragoza and San Fernando), has created 802 jobs and benefitted 1,483 people overall, all affected by severe physical disabilities (spinal cord injuries, paraplegia and tetraplegia) or by degenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis or chronic diabetes.

The Foundation is also developing international projects in Poland, Peru, Colombia and India, where it has successfully exported the work integration model for disabled people that has been implemented in Spain. It has also opened its own school and a business centre.